Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



I think I got a bad taste in people I like because like Camile


Team mars is girls-fay morphine guys-me,curious_boy
anyways wanna join us and win?


why must y’all fight tho


I fall asleep for one night and I come back to a full-blown ship war, tsk tsk.

Now everyone kiss and make up and we can play Jenga while waiting for updates! :smiley:




I’m in team Mars until I get to know Yoon better lol


Male or female? I’m gonna add you in


There is so much ‘fighting’ going on…guess I’ll join in. TEAM ADELAIDE FOR THE WIN!


I’m a girl
20 character


Soo… I guess Jenga’s off the table :slightly_frowning_face:


Jenga is never off the table, unless you’ve already played a game of jenga and lost. Then some of it might be off the table.


I’m team Mars-Camille-Sid-maybe-Faith-if-she’s-cool, which ship army do I fight with?


The Harem army I guess?


What is even going on.


@Dagger1819 waifu wars of course ! It was inevitable


Maybe you guys should take it down a notch with the images. It’s a bit much.


I say we settle this the only way it can be settled. With a game of competitive Jenga.


Yoon for life runs away


Run far away before the fangirls/fanboys find you.

Bildresultat för cat running away gif

You already know who’s the cat and which ones that’s the ducks.


Am I the only one who actually likes Faith? lol
Addy and Faith, owners of my :heart:

Now excuse me, I have an important research to do