Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



I shall hold the line for team Camille on my own for now then.


You are not alone, tsundre witch is obviously the best.


#TeamLadies :crown: :fire: :kissing_heart:


I was not expecting reinforcements so quickly.


What about the Brotherhood without Banners the ones who go for Harem endings?(and/or the ones who like 'em all but lean towards certain chars more)


How about we settle this and put it to a vote? Oh… wait. We already did. And look who’s at the top! ADELAIDE FOR THE WIN!!!



I spy with my little eye your phone in dire need of a charger. So… You run away run away

I’m surprised at people’s lack of Faith (get it? GET IT??) :crazy_face:


She’s alright but I feel we know the others a bit better. For now anyhow.


@fay I need you im losing Ground for mars over here


I… … … I meant that people don’t have faith in Faith because we don’t have much info but… Nvm guess I’ll just… Lurk in my desolate dark corner. :no_mouth:


25%, you are fearless, you have my respect.


poor yoon fan covers


Now now there need not be war in this feud of the superior amorous interests! (Am way too busy trying to smooch them all) :joy:

Side note: Are you telling me Addy isnt exactly new to this tangled web of games we call romance? How? She’s a princess! Granted also a somewhat headstrong princess. Huh. Maybe thats why.


add Mars-fanboy there :wink:

sssssttt… dont tell anyone :crazy_face: im waiting for the war to get more heated :triumph:

#TeamMarsHotAF :heart_eyes: !!!

#YesAddyYes!! :heart_eyes:


Seems like we’re allied.



Cuddle knight may be cute but the only one who can really heat things up is tsundere witch. (I mean that literally and figuratively.)


The fact that you post screenshots instead of the actual pictures makes it somewhat funnier for me


well said, but no… i only had my eyes for Mars and Addy :sunglasses:


The tsundere path is the true path!