Fox of Sunholt (WIP)




@impeccably-stressed Yes, you do meet his cat! and oh god is that a good headcanon. Of course, Mars is also down to Jenga…will he smooch though…that is the question…

@Innue I do plan on being able to let players get all nine of their tails throughout the game, whether that’s linked to the nature stat or not…i don’t know yet. More tails does = less control/humanity, so there’s that.

@PisceanLover It does get touched on again. I plan on re-writing that scene because it’s a whole lot of :-/ (when I will rewrite the WIP idk, but I do just want to write it first) and the option to define how your MC feels about it.

I’m also having a lot of fun making fake visual novel screenshots lmfao

I should really write instead of drawing…
(edit: forgot to say but the background is from here)


Nvm Sid the sailor, Shirtless Sid is the way to go.


Eventual vn for Fox of Sunholt confirmed? Lol.

If you make it I swear I will pay and play it.


fixed it for you huehuehue


Indeed I will if it leaves my dreams and becomes into a glorious reality lol.


Damn, Sid is quality. :kiss:
Of course we who favor him already knew this.
All four of us…


@Fay I’m being tempted by them abs… :drooling_face:


I cant actually believe you just @ me for this…

But deep down in my heart, I’m so happy that you did it. Thank you. Thank you so much. Those abs, they’re magnificent :sparkles:


Me when people tell me anyone other than Addy is the best RO


But everything changed when the Mars-fangirls attacked


:fire: Hot. Damn. :fire:
Cammy’s a cutie.


Me when I look at myself in the mirror :upside_down_face:
Bildresultat för cat reacting to reflection gif


…but Cammie is the best, no correction needed there :stuck_out_tongue: :

And a Curious-Fan-Boy lurking in the shadows waiting for the right moment (see what I did there? No? It’s @Curious_Boy! :laughing:)


You wrote Camille the wrong way.


Hey, It’s not smart to correct someone else’s spelling mistakes when you yourself accidently spelled it wrong too. But hey, autocorrect can be a pain in the arse right?

Here, let me lend you a hand:




You are relentless :exploding_head:


I’m with fay #marsbestro


You won’t trick me Fay. You had my support on OTH but not on this lol.


Oh really?
Bildresultat för cat filing nails gif

May the shipping wars now begin


#marsistheguardianofmyheart @fay ready to team up for the sake of mars