Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



Me too, looks better that way, i admit


The good stuff of course.


Heyyyyy welcome to the posting side of the forums :sunglasses: it’s great that jenga got you out of the lurking void

Poor Sid at the bottom there… RIP


Mars: I like to get to know people before I bed them
MC :



I see your aroused snickering and I raise you this




An Inquisitor? Here? Quickly @guardsman000071! pretend there is no heresy goin on.


@Fay I’ve voted but I’m afraid the forces of Adelaide and literally everyone else (including Mars somehow) have overtaken our army.

But it’s alright, we know in our heart of hearts that Mars is #1 husbando best boy :ok_hand:.

So, @smod are we ever gonna get to meet Sir Snuggles?
Because I’ve had a headcanon niggling the back of my head, and now I want everyone else to suffer from it:

So the MC tries to follow Sir Snuggles in their fox form around Mars’ house. You know, things like jumping on cabinets, bookcases, wriggling under seats and beds and between cushions, only to fail to stick the landing while jumping down from a particularly tall bookcase, the MC immediately transforms back into a human in their daze. At the same time, Mars rushes over to pick up the bruised and battered MC only to belatedly realize they’re naked, dropping the MC like a hot potato and he runs to another room red as a tomato.

, Mars: [from the other room] Why would you even do that?
MC: [bleeding internally, probably] …it looked…like fun… [wheezing]

But it’s ok because then Mars comes back and drapes an itchy but warm blanket around the MC and I propose that there either be smoochies or jenga to conclude the scene, but I’m not sure. @smod, what do you think? You’re the creator :thinking:

potential smoochies scene?

MC: [tugging off blanket]

Mars: [blushing furiously and covering his eyes] S-Stop it! At least let me grab your clothes.

MC: [whining] But it’s itchy… :frowning: I can’t seduce you while I’m itchy.

[Mars.exe has stopped working, please restart the system]

Mars: Let’s just play jenga instead?


I’m not sure if it has been mentioned but how long does the average fey-fox live? Asking because I was wondering if there was going to be the “I’ll live for a century after you die” talk


Fey foxes are basically kitsunes right? At least that’s how I’m seeing it.


Kitsune have fox-like features they can’t change while Fey-Foxes are shape shifters who turn into foxes at will kinda like Were-Wolf with a built-in moon


I’ll say it makes more sense when you put it that way. Thanks for the clarification.


I also love Yoon and his cockiness :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::heart:


This was great! My favourite is Adelaide. :blush:


Same (for now) , she’s adorable.


Adelaide is obviously the best.

Random, random question: Will there be a scene where the full Nature MC can turn into a nine-tailed fox? Oh, and how big can we make our fox form?


Now that I know a little more about Camille I shall forever call her tsundere witch. Mars is cuddle knight, Yoon is creepy fox, Addy is Addy the perv, and Faith… Ummm, I see why she still doesn’t have a nickname.

Edit: SHIT, I completely forgot Sid the sailor. I’m so sorry Sid.


Hey so how will the whole “I used my powers to make you tell me something hella private” thing with Yoon go? Will it be some thing more addressed later?