Fox of Sunholt (WIP-- updated 04/03, polls on #343)




I see what you did there :smirk:


Love the story great concept :smiley:


When you make a character in an mmorpg just for this game! :joy::joy:
Please meet Aeliana. My God Damn cute Fox!!


Well, you have my attention. This definitely looks interesting. Very much enjoying the ability to be friends rather than just romantic. I am definitely imagining Addy who is friends with the MC but not romantic trying to be helpful with the shipping aspects. Especially with Cammie.


This is the third time I’ve seen you get flagged.

You are probably new here and haven’t gotten around to reading the rules, but it is against the rules to ask about updates.


Yeah, I’m new here. Sorry, I did not know about this rule. And I was getting a bit impatient though…


If you’re really that itchy to ask for update, I don’t see PM-ing the author is against the rule


Maybe not but that seems even worse.


Yeah, but thats just sound like a bad idea.


Spamming is bad, but asking isn’t.
I don’t see asking someone, “Hey, may I ask when is the next update coming out?” is a bad thing.

But I guess, each person has their own… area of comfort.


If an author felt pressured about it when it’s asked in the thread, they’d feel the same way about a PM. It’s against the spirit of the rules, if not the wording.


That’s because question like that indeed brings the aura of burden when brought up!
However, I believe if someone can ask it in the way that is encouraging, it’ll be better for both the author and the readers. After all, as an author, having any feedback about my work is waaay much better than none.

Nothing hurts more than being lonely at the middle of a wasteland, 'ya know :"

But let’s leave the topic at here. I don’t think this is the proper place to discuss it :raised_hand:t4:


Yes, but you know whats better than the topic? ROs!


Hello, hi yes, Princess Addie masterrace!!(er…choice?)


i think you mean mars master race :blush:


Hmm. Clearly there has been some confusion on both occasions when trying to type Camille.


My favorite is every ROs. I love them all and I must protect them all.


I guess I’m the only one that’s still waiting patiently for Yoon.


No you are not :smile:


Is there a chance that our MC can die in this demo?