Fox of Sunholt (WIP-- updated 04/03, polls on #343)



amateurs lol



Oooo suspense

(20 misterious characters)


In the scene where we walk through the woods and can interact with each character 1-on-1, all the options are greyed out for me as if I’ve already selected them. I remember being able to choose them before though


Sorry what? (Friggin 20 characters)


Found two thing


I think it’s should be she (Adelaide is really cute :heart_eyes:)

I don’t think " ." should be there.

And I must say, I like Camille and Sid more because of the new update :heart_eyes: I really going to have hard time choosing who to romance…


Played it~ And now i really cant wait for the next update. Such a cliffhanger!! :sob:


I love it! I’m so excited about this one and can’t wait for more! I also think it’d be such a cool thing if I could play as Adelaide and hire a fey-fox :wink:


It was a joke. You were posting kitsune and I posted an overpowered one.


Found two things


chapter01 line 899: Non-existent variable ‘csleep’


chapter01 line 989: Non-existent variable ‘asleep’


I found an error. When I got the choice to offer Adelaide my cloak in the cave, I chose the option to offer it and stay up to see if it was warm enough, and it said “non-existent variable: asleep” and then crashed.


fixed it! i accidentally uploaded my experimental file instead of the one that works :’) as an apology for this mess there’s a little extra uploaded now! :wink:


Wooo nice pov! I like how you wrote their personalities


“I guess I can’t really eat chocolate”

Mars is too cute to be a knight :joy:


I saw that we’d be playing a shapeshifting ANYTHING and I was in. Firstly, a few little things I picked up on.

  • “Huh,” you smile the best you can in your furry state, “that might be the most accurate description any human as given me before.”
  • She doesn’t want to spend any more time convincing people that they’re wrong about her—she’s tired. (Was that meant to be ‘tried’? Or no?)

That was fun! Very cute, and we were allowed to be playful and even flirty or feisty. I’m going to enjoy this~


I like the chapter one and i like
The concept of the game :+1: :grinning:


found a few pronoun mix-ups 'n a little something extra

“I’ll try to make nice with the suspicious stranger. It’ll be grand! I’ll paint him nails, he’ll braid my hair!”

  • him ➝ his

“Ugh, I’ll go over to him room and ask if she wants to get drinks with me…okay?”

  • him ➝ his
  • she ➝ he

She repeats this over and over until her remembers how much of a stupid idea this was in the first place and stops.

  • her ➝ she


I think this comma shouldn’t be here in this phrase (before Morgan)



@blob sh*t
(20 characters)


It’s okay, we all make mistakes.


I never make any misteaks.

The Mc is pretty interesting.

Do we regularly change forms in our sleep? How many times stronger would you say our sense of smell is?