Fox of Sunholt (WIP-- updated 04/03, polls on #343)



Found a typo. It is supposed to be “your”, I believe:

I’m loving the game so far :blush: it will be a great romance experience :smirk:


I think that was in reference to the princess. But yeah I had a double take on that too.


It seems you misplaced it.
Sid is a man right?
Can we use two weapons? (I don’t know if fangs and claws can be called weapon nor magic) Can we choose to use a weapon and our fangs and claws in the game? They are our natives traits after all so I find it weird if we don’t know how to use them.


Thank you @ everyone who spotted my typos!!! I’ll better about fixing those before I upload moving forward, lol, but I type quick and often over look things – will be fixed in tonight, when I update

@LordOfLA lol Adelaide’s making some shitty food

@LikeGames apologies! Let me work that better: the option is more representative of your weapon of choice/your chosen fighting style rather than what weapons you know how to use. MCs that don’t chose fang + claws for their weapon of choice still know how to use their fang and claws, but aren’t as adept at fighting with them – similar to how not choosing magic doesn’t mean you’re character can’t use magic, just that they don’t enjoy fighting with it. Hope this makes sense!

— and yes! That she line is a typo, it should say he lol


Nah, I believe that was a typo.


This was pretty cute, I’ve been looking for something more lighthearted, and being just a member of the party, rather than being the hero is refreshing.

Personally going for Adelaide because I’ve always had a thing for royalty, and she’s sweet, but I’m a bit tempted to cause love triangle drama between her and Camille, anyway I’m hoping that since this is a romance focused work, that it’s not just the protagonist who has to do all the work, let them try confessing, or approaching to spend some time once they’ve been buttered up, there’s an appeal to being pursued too, after all


Everyone is the hero of their own story or the villain in some cases, regardless even not the hero we are still the hero in a way.


In their own narrative villains are the most heroic of heroes, the one who is most likely to be the villain of their own story would be the anti-hero.


I love it! Everything is awesome about, I hope the full one comes out so


Unless we’re talking about pure narcissism mixed with rule domination and greed (aka classic villain), most tend to believe they’re doing the world a favor through their skewed views and philosophies. Yet anti-heros are usually the most interesting characters because they’re not all about black and white like a hero vs villain story tends to be. One of my favorite grey characters, Garrett, is the main protagonist of the Thief series - a master thief with a personal code against murder and who occasionally helps others.


Sadly most Anti-heros are labeled Villains by heroes, and Villains either label them Villains, Heroes or, Weak willed Villains/Heroes.
there are a few exceptions.

Mars is funny
Camille is kinda cute in my mind I will break that Angry face and get to the smiles if i have to die of embarrassment


I played through this and it’s definitely a lot of fun. Teasing some ROs was part of that fun. Mars and Adelaide have some funny reactions to that teasing and that’s always a plus in my book.

I’ll have to see about the other two.

I do wonder if gender or even the color of the MC’s fur will have different text though in some future update.


I like the game so far.
I hope that the new update will come soon :smile:


UPDATED! sorry it took so long I went on a mini-vacation

@Scorpio00 the fur color does get some different description but it’s not much I will admit, gender plays a bit of a role in the future

@blob forgot to say this before but I don’t mind my code being looked at! of course if you don’t mind that I really have no idea what I’m doling lol


somehow I can’t continue to chapter 2…

also the save system don’t work…I can’t load my saved game :cry:


Characters seems to be amazing. Keep it up ^^


so how far does the new update goes to?


Same thing also happen to me…


From my humble knowledge, maybe it’s because this :point_down:


Maybe it’s because there no chapter02 in scene_list

Oh, and I also noticed

There no *goto_scene chapter02 at the end of this, can’t be sure though.


kjsahkjdashd I’m so sorry guys!! i fixed it and checked that it works :’)

@blob could that possibly be because a scene you saved at was edited? im not sure if that makes a difference but if anyone might know how to fix this issue please let me know! but im really sorry that your save won’t load :frowning:

@Vanessa_Pang not a big update, its about 1000 words and ends at you getting kidnapped. the next update will be much larger


If that’s the case, I guess it can’t be helped ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
When the game is modified, the save doesn’t “adapt” to the new game. At least your game is not that lengthy, tho! Not yet, at least :thinking:

P.S. Yeah, as you can see, I have a word crossed out on your quoteI’m an evil guy