Fox of Sunholt (WIP-- updated 04/03, polls on #343)




memes aside, your character is gorgeous!


I have to head out today so I figured I’d just toss up chapter 1 so uh UPDATE! Chapter 1 is complete and uploaded! I couldn’t really edit it so let’s hope its not a mess… RIP

@avidreader early to mid twenties, you’ll age over the course of the game but at the start you’re about 22-25 years old

@RagEgnite lmfao let’s hope it doesn’t come across like that in game! i know I didn’t explain it well but it’ll make more sense in the scene i swear :smile: I’ll take special care to write it so it doesn’t come across like that and would love feedback on the scene if it does!

@Vanessa_Pang ahhhhh she’s beautiful! nO MEME ASIDE. I SAW A WOMAN SO BEAUTIFUL I STARTED CRYING


Thank you very much!

Aww thanks so much! I can happily imagine my oc as the Fox now :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@smod now for the real question…can we romance EVERYONE :wink:


I might bother Mars more than I should…why is he so easy to tease???smh

loving the update, even though I’m kinda surprised how easy they trust mc even though earlier they didn’t (especially for Mars and Camille) and vice versa (mc saying “I’m not trying to be your friends.” and then the camping scenes). Really like how the magic color and fur color are related :heart_eyes: I’m torn between going feral with claws and fangs or magic…

edit: may I ask why the *selectable_if (sidq1) while you could use *disable_reuse?


finally, Choicescript game that focuses on the romance XD
i just play the demo and i already love it, it kinda give a fluffy feelings (pun intended). and Mars is kinda cute XD at first i though i would hate him (based on his first impression and how he was treating MC), but he manage to melt my MC heart with his cat’s photo XD lol… and his reaction is kinda adorable, i want to tease the hell out of him XD.
and when i figure out Adelaide isn’t only kind and “pure” for a princess, but also able to defend herself (not useless in a fight) i see her in a new light, so she isn’t the kind of spoiled royalty… that is a plus point for my MC :grin:
good luck with your game, i’ll keep an eye out in this thread, and maybe doing some fanart later~


I really enjoy what you have so far and i laughed so hard when we got to tell the princess that we were afraid and turned on by her reminded me of the scene from wonder woman


psst im not actually here but

@blob !! im glad you pointed that out (the trust thing) i noticed it while writing as well and put it in my notes, when i go back to do the second draft i’ll have to work on bettering it :frowning: (but the “im not trying to be your friends” was more of a defense than an actual honest statement, similar to how Mars mentions in his camping scene that he doesn’t trust the MC but then proceeds to compliment them-- this bit gets developed going forward) and I just wanted to thank you for finding a way to simplify my code :’) im learning choice script as i go along and had no idea I could do that !! you’re my hero blob. my blob hero. my…bloero…

AND UNFORTUNATELY you can’t romance everyone BUT depending on how high your romance is with people more than one character might vie for your attention…until you get to the point in which you eventually have to pick one character


All I need is the princess, I mean she’s sweet, beautiful, a princess and she has a 2 handed sword…I could ask for no more :heart_eyes: …Well aside from you actually putting my real girlfriend in the game as a RO, but outside of that I couldn’t ask for no more :grin:


Replayed the game love the characters and their quirks. Mars is my absolute favorite can’t wait to tease him more😆


Ooooh would love to see what happens if Addie and cammie ended up fighting for my mc attentions :joy::joy:
I’m evil I know, pitting two best friends again each other :yum:


I’m honored :heart_eyes: I’m learning from other’s code to see how they could be applied…I hope you don’t mind!

here goes my harem dream :joy:


adefghjkl I love it and can’t wait for more!!! c:




Whenever I’m playing this, I always feel like I’m


Or this?


Yes. I always think of Ahri when playing foxes.


@smod There’s a rather fun typo when referring to the make-shift spit for cooking in the cave :wink:


Loved the update! Looking forward to see how it’ll all play out.


This is hilarious and cute, can u draw yiur vision if how the mc looks in fox and human form?