Fox of Sunholt (WIP-- updated 04/03, polls on #343)



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@TheAnalyst I was going to put personality traits in the game, but decided against it. I don’t want people to feel as though their character MUST be smart in order to romance Camille and etc. Relationships are formed based on actions and dialogue choices, and in a minor way on the skills (that i haven’t put into the game yet) that you choose to develop. For example, having a high stealth skill means you can sneak around with Faye, thus giving you more moments with Faye and increasing the likelihood of her being impressed by your skills.

@Sabrinadiza_Balya Thank you so much! I fixed it :slight_smile:

@Logan3000x sorry for the confusion! you are a fey fox, who is a TYPE of fae (or fey, as ive written it). kitsune (kumiho, etc) is a SYNONYM for what you are, they are the same thing mostly (the differences are explained in game). The powers you have, and what a fey-fox is in its simplest terms is a fox-shapeshifter. The lore I have is a bit different from what’s around, but you do have other powers besides transforming into a fox.

@blob thank you!! (and to everyone else who commented on that line lol) i edited it so hopefully it sounds better

@Umbreonpanda YES, like most good stories, there is drama. but it’s not as heavy, because the focus is on making this a story that’s light-hearted in nature

@tooweiss hell yeah you’ll get nine tails umm i mean…spoilers? :stuck_out_tongue:

@komorebi if you can get him to stop being stubborn about it…he will in fact…pet a cute fluffy fox

AND OF COURSE THERE’S BEEN AN UPDATE!! the demo now ends before you enter a cave, and the chapter ends after all the cave shenanigans so hopefully i can write more soon! have a great day


Judging by the others reaction, our MC is gorgeous right?


@pauleno2000 lol of course

@cottoncandy sorry forgot to reply to this before but your fur color and your eye color (in fox-form) are linked! Your eye color and the rest of your appearance in your human-form is up to you! I didn’t include the choice in game because i thought it’d be easier just to have that up to the reader? But if people really want to have the choice of picking your appearance in game please let me know! I’ll find a way to put that in! There will be choices to pick your attire and what not, but hair-colour, eye-colour and skin-colour are left up to the reader


“You don’t have you call me princess,”



I’d just like to say, I’m likin’ the vibe I get from this game. Might have something to do with foxes being my favorite animal, but I think you got an interesting concept and I look forward to seeing it grow and evolve


Great update! Loving all the character interactions so far. It’s too hilarious! :joy: and I’m glad there is an option to choose white fur for the mc. I actually have an oc who has basically the same description. White fur/hair and bright blue eyes. So I’m even more happy to imagine my oc as a Fox, even though her original story is that she’s a wolf. Let me know if you want to see what she looks like :yum:


So if our fox has a certain fur and eye color, that doesn’t mean our human form has the same? I’m ok with that!



“why are you all here?”

Why are you all here?”

Well, at least that means she’s sure to toss a lot of money you’re way.

Well, at least that means she’s sure to toss a lot of money your way.


back off Sid



ice cream



the peak of this update:


I love this game and already love cammila based solely on her ball to the forehead line



I’m curious…how would you force players to “smooch someone” here :thinking:


So far the story starting in an interesting way which a fay fox separate with he/her family which goo that mean MC is not going to behave like the usual fey fox example theaf, mischievous which give the story more branch. Cute, yes. I like we can choose our fox fur. Maybe can have human feature base on the fox fur colour. Its all depend on @smod if want to let the player to have a choose mc human features. The other character already mention MC human form reflect their Fox form which is CUTE. Looking forward to future updates. Looks promising.


I have to say I love your story it’s so cute!!! I like the idea that we’re going to be like companions like a rpg instead of a main character on a quest. Does this mean we’ll have a companion quest we’ll go on? Like we’ll find out what happened to our family? For our appearance I thought for hair color and eye color of our fox form is what we have for our human form which is just fine with me. The only thing I would be interested in would like our hairstyle. Short, long etc.


hey guys! just letting you know that ive finished chapter 1! im going to take some time to edit it before uploading. can’t let this become smod’s typo thread lol. it’s ~9,000 words which is less than I was aiming for. I figured the first chapter would be something like 10,000 :confused: hope you’re all having a great day!! all the fixed typos will be changed in my next update…which is also the update that carries the rest of chapter 1

@Legion13 Thank you! fixed it :slight_smile:


@LikeGames Thank you! Edited it

@justme Thank you as well! I fixed it

@blob you saint, thank you for spotting all those typos! I fixed 'em. What i mean by forcing players to smooch someone is that you consistently have to pick characters and the romance isn’t subtle. At the mid-point in the game you eventually have to choose a character that you’re the most interested in (and if their romance stat with you is high enough) to pursue for the rest of the game. You CAN at that point say “meh, I choose no one” but the game ends there. so you HAVE to pick someone if you plan on reading through the whole story…hopefully that makes sense!

@Chriswa27 yesss it is 100% like an rpg and there are companion quests to go on :’) you got it. And noted! I’m adding in the choice to say whether not your fox-form looks like your human one, and then a choice to determine hair length–which will help me as a writer too :’)


@smod How old is our character in human years.


“Eh, I developed a nice friendship with some of these humans, buuuuuuut now’s the time for me to skedadle on out of here.”

I get what your going for but It’s kinda weird thinking it out in words. Perhaps we’ll just have to wait and see what you mean by that. :no_mouth:


Here you go :smile: hope she’s what you were expecting.


@Vanessa_Pang Your character so beautiful!!!:heart:


Aww thanks buddy :blush::blush::blush: she’s one of my favorites