Fox of Sunholt (WIP-- updated 04/03, polls on #343)



I don’t know. Cute things tend to get a lot of free stuff. And this is a princess we’re talking about here…

Several minutes of maniacal planning later

Yeah, I’m gonna go get rich. Seeya peeps!


For me it will probably be more like:

Princess: (Stares at fox) "SO CUTE!"
Me: (Stares at princess) “SO CUTE!”


Will the relationships become formed based on specific actions of the MC, or will personality stats be developed for them later on? Personally it makes more sense to me for certain traits to make specific characters more fond of you. Charm for Adelaide, Intelligence for Camille, Cunning for Fay, Adventurous for Sid, Bravery for Mars, Kindness for Yoon as a few examples.



I found this (just one though)

Should be “today”, I not sure is this just how he talk or not though.

The demo is short but certainly interesting :slightly_smiling_face: will looking forward to meeting all RO, they all seems interesting.

Meme because why not


are we a fae, kitsune etc… or are we a fox shapshifter? me. is. confuse.


hahaha it will probably be the same for me :rofl:


I’m liking what there is so far. Looking forward to more!


looking forward to get petted, aye

I think it should be “No entry for the outsiders during the election”


Will there any angst in the story?


YES. I love this kitsune trend that is happening. Praise sweet baby Jesus.

I already like the hooded girl :ok_hand:. All she had to do is compliment me and I’m sold.

@smod Will we eventually have nine tails?


Oh my that sounds great ! Another romantic at heart haha. :smile: Can’t wait to play it !


Three alternatives:
“No outsiders allowed during the election.” - But it sounds odd / incomplete.
“No outsiders allowed until the elections are over.” - Though it raises the question - allowed to what?
“No outsiders allowed in the village until the elections are over.” - Is the better one IMO.


I think “no entry” suffice; it means no outsider allowed to enter the kingdom during the election, since not only the village is prohibited but the entire kingdom


You two are overthinking it.

No entry means

In my personal experience, people get the hint real quickly.


Being petted? Yeah, I could definitely be a lap fox.

Will we be able to pick our eye color?


Seems okay so far really short


I love it and can’t wait for more, it’s just so adorable.


That cliffhanger was probably the funniest I’ve ever read.


Petted? Nah I was expecting that MC will get hugged to death :joy:

@smod I love your story about being able to be sly fox and backstabbing fox (if there is a option I can be one of those :thinking: )
Keep up a great work :smile:


does he also stop to pet cute, fluffy foxes by any chance? :smirk: