Foundation of Nightmares - Volume Three of Demons Among Men [Beta] (Complete)

Hello everyone, I am the author of the HGs Trial of the Demon Hunter and Captive of Fortune, and the novel, Mabelin and the Demon Trials, as well as several WIPs, including Colonising Kepler 62e: Paradox, Winter of the Bovine, and Journey of the Chess Master, and I have the beginning of the third installment of Demons Among Men ready for testing.

After disaster strikes, you are left debilitated in the village of Quader. There, under the care of a warrior, magician, and healer, you manage to slowly recuperate. Meanwhile, yet another new enemy lurks in the shadows, and old acquaintances from Lorden make their own appearances.

As Mendax the demon puts continuous pressure on you mentally, you and your apprentice must find the strength to continue in order to petition to Melithar the Enigmatic. You fear the ancient wizard is the only one powerful enough to defeat this Netherworldian foe.

As always, feedback is very welcome!



I will play tomorrow because it’s almost midnight here

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Does this spoil anything from the 2nd game?

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The second I saw necromancy I instantly started to wonder if we can use it… Necromancy is the best magic that was ever thought of after all.

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Yes, it does. I’d recommend reading Captive of Fortune first.

Although you don’t have magic yourself, in CoF, you can use a necromantic crystal that you took from Callidus.

@Samuel_H_Young Awsome demo!!!, keep up the great volume :wink: I cant wait to buy it! Im looking forword to more Gallidus interaction, if there is any in volume three. Since hes by far my favorit RO. Also cant wait to meet Melithar.

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Glad you enjoyed it! Callidus won’t be in this volume, but there will definitely be a lot more interaction with him later in the series, and he is indeed an RO. And good :slight_smile: he makes his first appearance in the end of this volume.


Are the only romances female?

Heh. Read the post above yours. A better question would be “Are all the good romancable characters female?”

The female ROs are Illusia, Gretta, Gretchin, Garnet, Lorelle, and Falcon. The male ROs are Illucio, Callidus, Ceylar, Vidar, and Melithar. It just so happened that most of the female ROs were introduced before the male ones.

This is kinda… half on topic, but in the previous game you get the first chance to interact with Callidus, and he expresses an attraction to you. Your options are only to reciprocate, express disgust, or violently express disgust… It’s kinda… Well, I suppose I wouldn’t have noticed it if I was playing a woman, but from a male character’s perspective it looks kinda bad given the context of the situation. I don’t know how attached you are to those choices, but if you aren’t that attached it might be better to change one of the disgusted options to a more neutral rejection. Maybe something snarky like “Really, well, I don’t find you attractive at all.” :stuck_out_tongue: … Or you could just add a fourth option. In this case it doesn’t necessarily have to have that much of an effect, although I suppose it’d make sense that simply rejecting him would piss him off less than attacking him.

That’s a good point. I’ll go ahead and add a fourth option that’s more indifferent.

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So… The artwork for this new mysterious brown skinned man with a beard doesn’t have a beard. XD

Wuuuut? How could I have not noticed that? I’ll talk to my illustrator.

"Ceylar is a really positive person, the moral-booster of the group.

Should be morale, not moral, unless you’re talking about morality, which would be rather confusing phrasing.

Speaking of which, is Ceylar supposed to have an image? If so it’s not showing up when the characters are introduced.

Also, maybe I misread, but it seemed like there was a woman who was Lorrelle’s apprentice watching over you when you first wake up. She seems to sort of just stop existing after her master enters though…

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Yeah, that’s a typo.

He is, but it isn’t finished yet.

Hmm…nope. What do you mean?

The demo is amazing and I would love to beta test this game.

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Thanks! I’m actually mostly done writing this, I’m just going to post each chapter after they have gone through my editor.

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I would love for someone to program my interactive novel for me on choice script. This way I would have much more time for the actual writing and it would put less stress on me.

You are a demon hunter who, along with your boggart (your shape shifting companion), are pursuing a demon who destroyed your town. Though you do not have magic of your own, you are very strong for a human and possess a wide array of materials and weapons that help you in your battles against the dark. As your journey progresses, you and your boggart are forced to face stronger and stronger enemies: finally leading up to the confrontation with the demon. Here, you learn that the battles have really been “trials” in order for the demon to decide if you are a strong enough vessel for him to possess! Will you make it out alive, defeat the demon, or end up as a mere vessel for him in your world? You decide.
This is from a 2013 topic, and from a poster called DJ_CUTY. Sam… have you been stealing ideas?

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That was my old account.

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