Forums posts have to be 20 characters or longer


So can someone please tell me why the posts on here have to be 20 letters or longer?

20 letter rule (message) 15 letter rule (topic title)

This line has 20 letters


It’s to prevent responses like ‘lol’

The idea is that if people say at least a full sentence everyone will be more involved and friendlier, or something.


The answers are in here

Basically though it’s to ensure that all comments actually contribute to the discussion. If you just want to lol or say you like a post just hut the like button next to it instead.


@StarwarsMaster, hey, it’s better than 20 characters or less


:grinning: :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally, I would like to be exempt from the 20 character rule. But apparently, I’m not.


Yea, but how did @WulfyK just put a couple of emoji? Do they not count? If they don’t count wouldn’t that still be under 20 characters


Worth a thousand words.


:smile: :stuck_out_tongue: The words are smile + 2 : = 7 and stuck_out_tongue +2 so its possible.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh… When I just tried to post just the ohhhh… part, it told me to be more descriptive. Haha


Easy, Cheat