Forum profile on a phone


Is there a way to upload a profile photo when accessing the forums from your smartphone? only shows my posting history with three tabs for disussions, ADNox and inbox.

I can’t see a spot to set a profile photo.


Pressing on ADNox is your profile. When on computer, there are a few tabs on the side saying “membership” “last active” etc and in one of them is “profile photo”


They’re absent on my phone. :confused:

Hell, I can write a Choicescript game on my phone, but setting a profile photo stumps me.


There not on mine either. It’s no biggie


As far as I know, only the non-mobile version of the forums have the option to change your pic (as well as other useful functions). See if your browser lets you switch to a “full” or “desktop” version of the site. Some do (like chrome), but others (like safari) just enjoy making your life difficult.


On Android?
Download Dolphin Browser, enter settings and change the “User Agent” to Desktop, then navigste to .