Forum game ideas


This discussion is to produce ideas about what you think the forum authors (not me) should make in terms of games but I for one would like to see a James bond type COG


I’ll go with a sequel for ChoiceOfBroadsides. I really want to find out what happened to Villeneuve!


I would definitely like to see a sequel to Choice of the Vampire


Jagged Alliance or Mercenary type COG with more than one giant mission, and a relationship values (The values don’t have to be purely romantic, it’ll just show who will risk their life to save yours)


If i had to choose one sequel it’d be another Choice of Broadsides, but I’d settle for another Choice of vampire. mostly because COV was left with a cliffhanger


Finishing AotC.


I would also like to see a Cog on having your own nation could include trying to be seen as a country by the u.n making war progressing peace and thenlandncan determine factors like island equal more defensive other land equal more offesive.


i would like to see a game like alter ego but where the events follow on from one another and not just being stand alone events.


@lexlexx We have something like that for a community project but it’s put on hold for now, because I have to finish Samurai and andymwhy has to finish Blackraven and Reaperoa has to do stuff.


@ScarletGeisha oh ok i had no idea that one was being worked on. it will most likely be very good when it is made because of the talent that is working on it.


I’ll just say it cus im black I want a ghetto gangsta COG were you rob banks, pimp and kill the mayor… I love mayhem