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That’s what VPN’s are for.


So lately I wanted to watch the Dororo anime since the opening song is stuck in my head metaphorically.


Mob Psycho 100 is a very interesting and fun but also exceptionally Japanese show… Like, the whole premise seems to be that normalcy is the ultimate good and that anything unusual is relatively worthless. Mob runs around pursuing a girl who is exceptionally shallow as basically nothing more than a goal… and this is meant to be a positive message of self improvement. The scrappy underdogs are just lazy assholes, and the jocks are all nice if slightly clueless.


Anyone here watched or better read Kingdom?


I have heard so much about Konosuba.Is it worth watching?


Do you like comedy?
Are you tired of OP MC who are oblivious to his OP powers?
Are you tired of MC who shouts out the power of friendship?
Are you looking for “equality representation” in anime?
Love explosions?

If the answer to any of those are yes, then yes, it’s worth it.


Welcome to my country and prepare for more stuff to come


If you like ecchi with good comedy and a not so trash mc it really is. Was the first anime that I watched and finished both seasons in a day haha.

Ps: Megumin is best gril there no point in arguing :upside_down_face:




The first couple of weeks into the Winter 2019 season and it’s going great so far. I’ve picked up Kaguya-sama: Love is War, The Rising of the Shield Hero and Mob Psycho 100 II, with Sword Art Online: Alicization and Run with the Wind as leftovers from the previous season.

This is my favourite OP of the season and maybe of the year, depending how the other OPs from this year go. Storyboarded and directed by Mamoru Hatakeyama (series director, directed Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, my all-time favourite anime series, as well as being an ex-member of studio Shaft), this OP is excellent in both visuals and the song itself.


I’ve got this stuck in my head.

The song is performed by Masayuki Suzuki, a renowned singer in Japan who’s known as “Japan’s King of Love Songs”.

His fashion sense is also top tier. What a classy guy.

My favourite anime of the season is still Run with the Wind. After catching up to the latest episode today, it continues to hugely impress me and if it keeps going at this rate, it’ll become one of my favourite anime.

SAO Alicization has changed theme songs for its second cour, the OP from LiSA’s “ADAMAS” to ASCA’s “RESISTER”.

SAO never disappoints me with its theme songs, I love this. I bought ADAMAS a few days ago and I’ll most likely buy this song when it comes out too.


Watched the show and it is really a masterpiece!!!
For me Darkness is the best girl💕


Should I read read the manga or watch anime of Owari No Seraph?


I actually like the author’s current work more. The premise is a bit cliche and his humor is still there


So you like dem tiddies big huh?
Lmao just kidding :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I just love her lewd humour😅


There’s another Sword Art Online. Does Kirito ever settle down with Asuna, or will it just keep going on forever?


If he ever settled down for real he couldn’t keep proving how inexplicably OP he compared to everyone around him. I mean, at least not in any remotely visually stimulating ways…


The latter.

The current arc, Alicization, is bigger than all the previous arcs combined (10 volumes long). Studio A-1 Pictures are doing 4 cours for the anime, so it’ll be around 48-52 episodes in total. However, it’s regarded as the best arc in the series and I’m enjoying it a lot at the moment. The animation quality in it is Ordinal Scale-level (the SAO movie that came out in 2017), it’s absolutely stunning.

After Alicization, there’s a mini-arc called Moon Cradle which they may adapt into some OVAs rather than a TV anime series. Then after that, there’s the latest ongoing arc, Unital Ring.

If you think that’s a lot of material left, there’s even more. The author, Reki Kawahara, started up a parallel series called Sword Art Online: Progressive. It’s a reboot of the main series’ Aincrad arc (episodes 1-14 of S1) and goes floor-by-floor in each light novel volume rather than skipping floors. It’s significantly more in-depth and the writing quality is much better as Kawahara improved massively as he progressed through the main series. Alicization is proof of that.

I won’t be surprised at all if A-1 adapts that into an anime series in the near future. It’ll basically be a much better, longer version of the first arc in SAO. The first arc in the main series was adapted in 14 episodes, however Progressive will easily have enough material to make multiple seasons.


Remind me in 3 decades when its finished, so I can watch it all at once. All I know is I searched Sword Art Online: Alicization on YouTube and one of the first videos that pop up is a very disturbing and graphic sexual assault scene. Thankfully the bad guys are killed before anything happens. What’s with SAO and rapey villains?