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Don’t lose all hope in the Vinland Saga anime yet, it’s still too soon for that. It’s very likely to look a lot better than all three of those because Wit Studio’s anime tend to have great production values, even though their scheduling is frequently messy.

The mangaka, Makoto Yukimura, is fully faithful in Wit to deliver the anime adaptation of his manga well based on his comment shown below:


We can hope I suppose, but given the track record of CG adaptions thus far, I’m not optimistic.


This reminds me of something. Isn’t there a new anime “Ingress the Animation”? I’ve watched the first episode, and am not really the fan of the animation… the way it’s animated.

It’s like 15 FPS all-details-animated thing, which reminds me with Bubuki Buranki.


Land of the Lustrous is a recent example of a fully CG anime that looks great.

Studio ufotable integrates CG in their anime a lot with hand-drawn animation, alongside digital effects to make it very flashy and polished. Because their in-house digital team is really talented, they make it look seamless.

Hand-drawn animation is around 12fps and most of the time in anime with CG, they are trying to emulate hand-drawn animation using CG which is why it looks so jagged. Also they use it to cut corners by making background characters and objects CG, such as in Tsuki ga Kirei.

Then you have cases like Berserk (2016) which is fully CG and looks hideous.


Alright this song is actually amazing. Been listening on repeat for days. Made even better if you know the story, the lyrics hit way harder then

Edit: bobobo is blessing to weebkind


The first trailer for the second season of Mob Psycho 100 is out:

The animation is mind-blowingly good (based studio Bones) and I love the music in the background composed by Kenji Kawai. This is one of my favourite anime and to see this back again is so great. 2 months to go until it begins airing.


You all should watch the wonder that is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

It’s pretty over the top and wild, but that’s what gives it its charm. However, it can get very gory and has strong language in it.

Never had a show about buff men make me cry like a baby before.

I mean come on! Look at these poses!



Also has some of my favorite villains of all time!



Only anime to have sparkling vampires and do it RIGHT!


I read the manga, I’m so sorry. T^T^T^T^T


Should I watch the Reincarnated as a Slime series?


It’s pretty good so far. For now, I have nothing to complain (aside from it’s isekai genre, which rarely discuss our origin world anyway).

First episode can be a bit confusing if you’re new to the story, though tsundere dragon is the best.


Regarding Goblinslayer, treatment of rape and victims is a real social issue that overshadows any entertainment value, that treatment being contrived, gratuitous, degrading and cack-handed. However, Choice of Games gave me an excellent means to resurrect Fighter and Warrior, for adventures throughout saner worlds such as choice of Kung Fu. And Mecha Ace. And Welcome to Moreytown, as a Kung Fu rabbit. She made mistakes, got over them, fell in love and saved the day.


Ore Wo Suji Nano Wa Omae Dake Ka Yo is getting an anime!

Though I’m a little nervous about the mc being voiced by Deku,

Summary- premise spoilers

Guy is a popular guy in school who hopes is life will turn out like a rom com (so yeah, he’s a slight jerk secretly). He has two friends, a childhood and a fellow member of the student council who he has his eye on. They both go to confess to him… that they like his best friend and want him to play wingman. Hilarity ensues.

Praise be.


Have you ever thought, “Jeez, I love Cowboy Bebop, but I wish it wasn’t anime, and there was less of it.” Then has Netflix got news for you!



And frankly, I believe we’ll get Death Note 2.0. So a great anime completely ruined.


Its been a pretty good season so far. Two pretty strong fantasy anime with Slime and Goblin Slayer, a great mafia story in the newest Jojo, fuckb even the idol show is really good this year woth Zombieland Saga.


Lmao the trans rep in Zombieland really surprised me. Neat.


It was a nice little twist, but her dad was my favourite part of the episodeXD the absolute unit.


No Yoko Kanno on the music, no watch.


They did announce they’re bringing Evangelion to Netflix. Gotta balance that out somehow.

Edit: Toshiya Wakabayashi did it again. The absolute madlad. He made another hilarious series.


Not exactly enthused, but it’s only fair to give it a chance.