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The recognition we deserved lul


Lmao why does the mc look like the one from ttgl? Looks lazy…
A tribute? Anyways, flashy but hopefully it’ll have the substance to back it up.


Never seen TTGL nor Kill la Kill so I don’t know the characters from those, but I’ve seen a lot of comments bringing up similarities. Makes sense since it has the same director-writer duo.

Yeah, we’ll see. Personally, I find the bright colours a tad overbearing.


So… never watched Nanbaka?


Nope, but I’ve heard pretty good things about it.


Goblin Slayer and That Time I reincarnated as a Slime are pretty good so far


Itll get even better. Wait til the elf, dwarf and lizardman join up. Although I think they’re skipping stuffs. It’s been a while since I started reading Goblin Slayer, but the anime feels a bit fast.

This one isnt too spectacular but its consistent.


I’m thinking of watching some werewolf anime for Halloween, any suggestions/recommendations?


The opening theme song, titled “narrative”, will be performed by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:LiSA.

Hiroyuki Sawano and LiSA? Holy…

Based on Sawano’s Twitter activity, some people were expecting this collaboration to happen eventually but not for a Gundam anime. I’m a lot more excited now.

Also the orchestral track in the beginning sounds really nice so far. Gundam Unicorn Sawano is back, finally! :smiley:

Don’t think I’ve seen any werewolf anime before but looking at some recommendation sites, a lot of them have Wolf’s Rain and Spice & Wolf at the top. I need to watch these two later, especially the former because Yoko Kanno did its soundtrack.


@zenith8 not an anime but Beastar MC is a wolfboy. Beastars is like Zootopia but better


Beastars! I can attest to its goodness. Despite being a furry manga its really refreshing. (Legosi is such a good pure boy)


does anyone know if the code geass season 3 thing is confirmed? Lelouch of the resurrection if I’m not mistaken…


Lelouch of the Resurrection is confirmed but it’s not a third season, it’s a film. Same staff as the original anime series and it will premiere in Japanese theatres in February 2019.


Finished watching Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, I really enjoyed it. Hopefully it gets a second season in the near future. The “See You Soon” message at the end of the final episode seems to be hinting that.

Also, I’ve been listening to Akame ga Kill’s soundtrack again (Taku Iwasaki is a genius composer).

1:08 onwards is sooo badass. 2:14 sounds like something from DOOM. Iwasaki would’ve been perfect for Goblin Slayer.


Right now I am rewatching the Pupa anime for Halloween preparation! I love that anime! :heart_eyes:

Plus it’s the only thing that reminds me of my twin brother, I love him so much in a sisterly way!


Oh boy, J.C.Staff have a ton of projects on their plate and it keeps increasing. After collating them:

Studio J.C.Staff’s upcoming schedule

  • A Certain Magical Index III (Fall 2018, 26 episodes)
  • Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur (Fall 2018)
  • Satsuriku no Tenshi ONA (Fall 2018, 4 episodes)
  • Date A Live S3 (Winter 2019)
  • DanMachi film (Winter 2019)
  • One Punch Man 2 (Spring 2019)
  • Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur S2 (Spring 2019)
  • Majimoji Rurumo: Kanketsu-hen OVA (Summer 2019, 2 episodes)
  • Kud Wafter film (Fall 2019)
  • A Certain Scientific Accelerator (2019)
  • KonoSuba film (2019)
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun 3 (TBA)
  • Tsujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de 2-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki desu ka? (TBA)

They have even more projects than A-1 Pictures did at their maximum.

One Punch Man S2 especially is concerning due to the lack of director Shingo Natsume who was responsible for bringing all the top animator talent on board for S1. The animation for S2 is very likely to not meet up to S1’s quality so I imagine there’ll be several complaints about that.

The KonoSuba TV anime was animated by Studio Deen but they’ve been replaced by J.C.Staff in the film for some reason. Yeah… so many projects.


Hope they don’t ruin Vinland Saga by making it CGI like they’ve done with my other favorite manga series…


Full Metal Alchemist - I’d recommend only maybe watcing the first couple episodes of the first one, because it does a very good job at telling the viewer what alchemy is, it’s limitations and how it’s used in the world. FMA:B kinda glosses over it, so if you want a more detailed explaniation of how the whole rock paper scissors thing in this series, watch the first couple of the first FMA than swtich over to Brotherhood. It’s a lot more faithful the manga and the story is far better.

Tokyo Ghoul is ok, I haven’t seen much of the new series because I lost interest, but the music is amazing and it’s a fairly decent action anime.

Boku no Hero is one of my all time favourite anime ever. I have very little criticism about it. There isn’t a lot of anime out there that you can say does almost everything right and is damn near perfect, and this is one of those animes. The characters are all interesting and the show does a great job and managing all of their individual character developments and stories whilst at the same time not flooding the show with boring exposition or spending too much time on characters people don’t care much about. For a show with as many characters in it as it does, it’s amazing how they manage to balance them all so well and keep the audience interested and emotionally invested in them. It’s also extremely clever, with quirks (super powers) being semi-realistic and each character having a personality which affects how their character behaves.


My favourites are Detective Conan, High School DxD, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, the Familliar of Zero, Noragami, Digimon Adventures, My Hero Academia, Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid, Fairy Tail and Kaichou wa Maid-Sama.


The anime series’ director is Shuhei Yabuta, who’s primarily a CG director. He co-directed Inuyashiki and is the 3D director for Attack on Titan, Overlord, No Game No Life, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress etc.

Based on this and the fact that the main staff list for Vinland Saga on the official anime website credits MADBOX for 3DCG, I believe there will be a strong emphasis on CG in the anime. Wit Studio is also taking on more than they can handle with the Kabaneri film and the second cour of Attack on Titan S3 in the same year as it so I’m quite worried for the production.