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It was a joke, the next battle won’t need a budget


Oh, didn’t know that, sorry. I haven’t watched Overlord S2 nor S3 nor the light novels.

Still on an anime watching hiatus where I haven’t watched an anime episode in nearly 4 months. I’d much rather play games at the moment.


How are you alive


Good question. I have no idea.

I’ve just gone into a slump with watching anime. Hell, movies and TV shows as well, I haven’t watched any of those in a good while now. I have never been less motivated to watch these.


This manga get me through the day


Same :frowning_face: I still catch up on and start a couple of manga every few weeks.


Contender for OP of the year; I love this. Honestly think this is the best SAO OP, both the song and visuals.


The full version of the song is already out? Praise be!


Well, for me, my top favorite anime are:

  1. Cowboy Bebop (such a classic anime in my heart) with awesome soundtracks: Blue, Tank, Green Bird, The Real Folk Blues…
  2. Perfect Blue
  3. Monster
  4. Shin Seiki Evangelion
  5. X/1999
  6. Gintama
  7. Emma: A Victorian Romance
  8. Naruto


Btw wtf was Zombieland Saga?
Literally not even 5 mins in and its already on my watch list.
I mean zombie death metal idols? Whats not to love?

Also, Yuru Camp season 2 confirmed along with a short, and a movie! Maximum comff!


Not even that unique anymore. Anti-idols are a thing now (e.g. baby metal, necronomidol, kamen joshi)


Also BiSh (Literally boring idol shit, theyre great)
They really made fun of death metal that ep but eh.

Its actually the only anime original show this season so im very interested which way itll go.
(Irozuku is original too but it seems to be boring love triangle drama)
Apparently they’re doing hiphop next ep and I can’t wait to witness the absolute cringe.


Lol that’s a no sale for me. I don’t watch anime unless I know it’s good. Which means I only watch anime that ive read the manga and I know it’s good. So in only watching Golden Kamuy, Goblin Slayer and maybe Slime no Tensei this season


I’ve been burned too many times by shitty adaptations man. Some gold exists out there but I’d rather watch something new.
Don’t know how you people put up with it. (amateur cgi bullshit especially wtf)


Story over animations. For example, Golden Kamuy is good even if it’s nothing but stick people. The story is just that good. Same with Vinland Saga, it could be animated by a 2 years old and I’d still watch it. I dont watch a lot of anime, I’ve only started watching more cause some of my favorite manga got adapted.


Lol thats some dedication.
If an adapted anime cant stand up on its own as an anime (the medium where everything should count, animation, sound,story etc) then I personally dont see much point to it.
Unless I’m a huge fan of course. Dungeon Meshi anime when?


I’m watching One Piece.


Soon? I think I heard something about an anime. I might be wrong tho. As for dedication, it’s just another way for me to enjoy the series. I’ve read GK 3 times already and Vinland Saga twice. Anime is just a way for me to experience the story again in a slightly different way.


Thats perfectly valid.
Would you rec Goblin Slayer manga/ln?
I heard that even the healer got a pretty good character arc and not just the main dude.

(And I know theres some shitty edgelord crap but im super interested in the world and characters)


Yes I’d totally recommend it. Theres rape in the first episode, but before you stop reading, that’s the worst that itll get in this series. It’s just there to show that the goblins in this universe is irredeemable and the MC actions are justified. The world building is fun, it took a lot of inspirations from dnd and pathfinder. For example, it uses the spells/day thing those 2 uses. So the cleric in the first ep can heal but only 3 times a day. Its interesting even tho I always thought its kinda dumb.


Sounds good.
(I mean you cant get any worse than rape mate)
I’ll wait till the anime is over to decide to watch or not but im definitely snagging a manga/ln.