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At the very least, the main staff is competent.

Director Takaharu Ozaki did Girls’ Last Tour, which I’ve heard was excellent. Music composer Kenichiro Suehiro did the music for Girls’ Last Tour, Re:Zero and this season’s Cells at Work! which are all very good. Even the series composers are great: Hideyuki Kurata and Yosuke Kuroda (this duo worked on Hellsing Ultimate and Drifters). And of course studio White Fox who have been impressing lately.

Though I don’t think I’ll watch this. Doesn’t look like my type of series. On top of that, my streak of not watching anime has increased to nearly 3 months. Someone in a Discord server said I should try going a year without watching an anime episode, haha. I might just do that.

Anyway, this break from anime is refreshing so far. I might resume in Fall 2018 but I’ll see how I feel first.


Heh, I’m quite the opposite. I’ve marathoned Overlord I, and going to II this night, and probably get started on revisiting the nostalgia Gegege no Kitaro, all thanks to my boarding house’s wifi that finally got fukkin fixed.


You’re missing out. It’s a neat little series and the author 100% play D&D. The magic in this anime uses d&d system of spell per day/rest and this is the first series that I’ve read that has a Beholder. Oh and it has new trailers


Interesting. Also that trailer was released before, this is the same but the credits at the end are translated into English. Hopefully the anime goes well, though. :+1:

Togashi’s back again. I know this is basically wishful thinking, but it would be amazing if Madhouse did a sequel anime. Even if it’s just a couple of OVAs for the Dark Continent arc. Maybe a single cour second season depending on how much material there is left to adapt, but I don’t read the manga so I’m not sure.


Hiatus in 3…2…1…



A few days ago, after watching some Youtube videos about the Hollywood movies with anime opening, I decided to make some myself.

Can someone give a few feedback for it?


YOU MADE THAT. Its…wow it gives a very realistic vibe. That’s so cool!


Holy shit what’s this? An extremely stylish series with a unique setting? What a rare occurance. And the Post Apocalyptic Samurai Western setting is so unique as well, this series just oozes personality and potential. Here’s hoping it’ll go far:


Thanks :slight_smile:

On another note, who watched Asobi Asobase and Grand Blue this season?


A new trailer for Sword Art Online: Alicization has been released, which will air on 6 October. (tagging @Lobo420)

It has also been confirmed that the anime will go on for 4 cours (at least 48 episodes) and the first episode will be an hour long. Aniplex are going all out with this, damn.


I see you’re a man of culture as well.


Oh that was interesting. I liked badass monko, reminds me of baiken from guilty gear. Another prolific badass.
But damn, they really like to sexualize her huh? A shame kinda.

(Also, hoping she actually finds the perfect man or whatever and not that young boy all grown up 50 chapters later)


Yeah it’s a shame about that part. I still think the series has more good than bad. I dont think the kid will ever come back again. Cant wait to see where this manga will go. Hopefully Japan’s shitty taste wont axe it.

Edit: if you like series with a badass female protagonist with a unique setting and has lots of style I’d recommend this


Giving Berserk (2016) a run for its money.


Didnt click on the link, but is that All You Need is Die? The manga that inspired the surprisingly decent Tom Cruise movie that I didnt watch?


No, Overlord S3. This is from the latest episode.


Golden Kamuy S2 key visual. My boy Koito (right side, beige uniform) looks good. Cant wait to hear his monkey scream


They are saving up the money for the intense fight at the end, right?


Well, people thought the same for this battle and look what happened.
So I’m not so sure anymore.