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That reminds me of something…


Starting to watch Osmosis Jones Cells At Work.

Been a while since I had a gag anime to watch.



Cool, its gonna be the Garou arc so it’ll be pretty good. Plus, the real power of the King’s Engine.


I watched that recently. It’s honestly surprisingly violent for a gag anime, but I think that’s one of the things that sucked me in with the first episode.

Also, @Spectro889 : Oof.


Interesting. Haven’t read the manga so I don’t know about that arc.

What I don’t understand though is why they are having the pre-screening of episode 1 this month if the actual season is going to air in January 2020. It’s a longer wait than AoT S1 and S2.

Let’s not forget that Shingo Natsume isn’t returning from S1 to direct this and he’s the reason why OPM S1 had such an incredible animator lineup - this is a big loss. Madhouse not returning isn’t that big of a deal considering S1’s animation team mainly consisted of freelancers anyway.


Its a pre-screening? A month after AX? Why? At this point might as well not do it. Also, its a great arc with a great villain. Especially if you’re a fan of the old guy.


I hear it’ll get a bit more serious when they fight a cancer cell. (And have a different protag for a bit)

They have an darker version side manga too. An unhealthy human body. So it deals with alcohol, sex, stds. White blood cell is a girl, red’s a guy this time. And everyone is hopeless.


Looking forward to it, then. The good thing is that the series composer (Tomohiro Suzuki) and music composer (Makoto Miyazaki) from S1 are returning for S2.

Can’t wait to hear what Miyazaki has composed for S2. S1’s soundtrack was badass.

UPDATE (12 August 2018): It seems Yonkou got the news for OPM S2’s premiere date wrong, which hardly ever happens since he’s a very reliable source.

It will actually premiere in April 2019, not January 2020. Episode 1 will not be pre-screened today. JAM Project will be returning from the first season to perform the second season’s OP. In addition to this, its first visual and PV (no new animation in this, however) have been revealed:

The track at 1:03 is :fire:


I found this awesome cover of Madoka magica’s music the other day

(By the way, does anyone know if/when the next movie for this is coming out?)


Nope, no date or announcement for the next Madoka project has been made. Shaft have the Zoku Owarimonogatari film that will premiere sometime between October and December this year. After that, there isn’t anything new from them announced.

There might be some sort of announcement for it during AnimeJapan 2019 in March, but there’s no guarantee on that. Madoka’s scriptwriter, Gen Urobuchi, is currently busy with other projects (Thunderbolt Fantasy S2, third Godzilla anime film, potentially the new Psycho-Pass films) so whatever it is, it’ll take a long while.


That’s a shame. When the original series finished and felt kind of complete, but rebellion changed that. It really needs a sequel to finish it off properly. (And seems less likely to happen with every year that goes past with no definite word on when it’ll be done :frowning: )