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I agree, an absolute masterpiece.
(the OP is actually really well animated, I have to admit. xD)

Studio Trigger sets the bar for animation quality ridiculously high. How could anyone surpass this?


Did anyone see Shoujo kageki yet? I did and holy moly it was fantastic. Even the guys at sakugabooru are happy as hell with it. The dude really channeled his Ikuhara experience. Sooo many Utena references too.

Also the fight and transformation scene was great. (Not to mention the music! Its a musical anime afterall. A delicious caveat.)

I only hope it continues to be as good as this pilot.


Yeah the OP is low key amazing. Too bad it’s impossible to find it on YT.


Those damn copyright strike ninjas!

Funimation uploaded it to their channel but I’m not sure if you can access it. Hopefully you can.


Oh that’s the OP? I saw the thumbnail and title and thought it’s just the theme. Make better title funimation!


Yeah, it is pretty confusing.
They should’ve called it “Opening Credits” instead.


To this day, I still have no idea how bkub convinced anyone to give him an anime. I mean, PTE is a masterpiece of comedy. But it’s still just a giant shitpost. At least annie watchers don’t have to live through 2 fake cancellations and a fake anime announcement that turned out to be real I guess?


lmao, that’s very true.
Hell, the staff themselves said the anime is crap and the director finds it incomprehensible.

Still sold really well in Japan though. I guess they embraced the shitposting.

I love this ad so much. Kamikaze Douga, well played.


Lol yeah i saw that as well. Iirc PTE is fairly popular in Japan, I think the 2ch people embraced it. I think the director also said there’s no way in hell they’re doing another season, since the first was a nightmare to make. Also, the staffs aren’t the only one who think its crap. Bkub said PTE is crap too, he called it a kuso manga (shitty manga). So I guess its intentionally shitty?


Probably, won’t be too surprised if that’s the case.

I assume you’ve seen this Sakuga Blog article already. If not, it’s a great read.

Q. Why did you make the opening for a shitty anime so cool?

Kotaro Sudo (producer): “Since it’s a gag comedy, we had considered going in strong with the humor at the beginning. But then we realized that if you made the opening really cool, it would be completely ruined by the shitty anime in more ways than one, so we intentionally made it as cool as we could.”

Q. Be honest. Do you think this anime is shit?

Sudo: “It’s shit. There’s no mistaking that.”

This is hilarious.


I haven’t, I don’t really follow anime news much. But I agree this is hilarious. It really shows how PTE is one of the most creative and interesting anime ever. Also now I know how King Records became the final boss of the anime.


I actually need to watch the anime, along with the other several hundreds I still need to see.
Summer 2018 has already started and I haven’t watched anything from it, nor finished any of the anime I’m watching from Spring.

Didn’t even realise it has a page on Know Your Meme. Even better.


Well, it is a meme after all. But yeah you should watch the anime, its unlike anything you’ve seen before. Plus, it’s only 15 mins, cause the Male voice actors part is generally better imo. There are some standouts among the voice actresses tho.


I’ll look into it, thanks for the recommendation.
15 mins? That’s nice.

The fact that I’m struggling to watch a standard-length episode at this point is disappointing. I said I was going to watch the most recent BnHA S3 episode today since I’m only behind by one episode (unlike the other Spring anime I’m watching with several episodes to catch up on instead)… and I still didn’t do it.

4-5 Ghibli films that I’ve never watched recorded on my set-top box and In This Corner of the World on Blu-ray, not bothered to watch any of these yet either. Honestly, I’ll be surprised if I manage to watch an episode by the end of this week.


Well it’s technically (like really technically) 15 mins, since the other half is a rerun with different voices. However, some times there are slight differences between the 2 halves.

Anyway, TFW an anime character has a better rig than I do. Plus, it’s just surreal seeing steam in an anime. Plus, plus, you can tell she’s a real gamer cause she has a speedpad and only play on dust2

Edit: 30 secs in and im already reminded why i love this series. Oh and dont let the synopsis fools you, its an anime about diving, i swear. Maybe.


I take your word for it. Maybe.


The soundtrack came out earlier than scheduled! Finally, the full version of these are here and after listening to them…


I’m glad to see the boys from my favorite isekai series in an anime

Edit: I have no idea what o just read. But I like it.


I’ve just watched Kenka Banchou Otome - girl beats boys. I need more!!! Twelve mini episodes are too few!!! Fun, fun fun!!! And the otome game from wich is ispired too!

Hinako, the protagonist, grow up in an orphanage, learning self defence to fend off bullies. She met her twin sibling Hikaru on her first day of hight school, discovering he is from a yakuza family, who’s tradition is to became the boss of brawl of the school.
Problem is, Hikaru hate violence. So Hinako is proposed (coerced) to take her sibling place at school. An all male school, where the biggest deal seem fight.

Here Hinako, dress up as a guy, start her journey to became the leader of the school, making friends on the way, with all the shenanigans of being a yakuza heir and a girl in disguise in a school where fighting is the rule bring.

I’ve read what I could find of the manga, very cute too!!! And make more clear the relationsjps between the guys and Hikaru (Hinako).


Shit they’re right