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Devilman crybaby
Don’t watch it if you aren’t 18 or above
Best anime of the year contender already


My favourite anime from when I was little is Pretéar.
At the moment my favourites are Boku dake ga inai machi, Tsuritama and Death Parade.


My favorites is:
Anyone know one with fighter jets and war pilots? Or militaristic theme?


Youjo Senki is war themed. The anime is actually pretty good, though I do like the manga better.


Thanks, I will check it :wink:


My favourites:

Hyouge Mono
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Serial Experiments Lain
Youjouhan Shinwa Taikei
Warau Salesman


For youjo senki the manga, the light novel and the anime are all different. The anime also made everyone more ugly. Especially a crazy scientist guy you’ll see later on.


Oh man, yeah I hated the character designs in the anime. The animation is pretty good otherwise tho.


I didn’t mind them, except for the doctor, I missed him, oh and I missed the friend. Plus to their credit they did it on purpose with author approval.


I like the beards in the manga. No way in hell everyone is clean shaven in definitely-not-german-empire


It’s the fatherland, no connection whatsoever to this so called “german empire”!


Overlord season 2 is out!


High school dxd season 4 has an April release I belive! Can’t wait. I’m also cautiously excited for the new Tokyo ghoul.


And it is more awesomeness. Loving the world building in Overlord 2