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Don’t take this the wrong way, but could you explain why you like Boku no Hero? Almost everyone I know seems to be crazy about that one and I just don’t understand it. I read it before it became a thing and thought it started out pretty good. But then, in my opinion, it just devolved into Naruto with superheroes.


To be fair, the creator made no secret of their love of Naruto.

Depends for me, tough it takes a lot of convincing to get me to watch the anime of something I read, save for when the action’s really confusing in the manga


That explains a lot actually. Thanks for the answer. Also I also have a hard time watching something I already read, knowing what will happen take a lot of the enjoyment away. Still looking forward to seeing my favorite manga becoming an anime soon. In the meantime, there’s PopTeamEpic next season. Can’t wait for The memes from that


What do you guys think of this Black Clover anime? I’m really trying to like it, but something keeps telling me to let it go.


I like Boku no hero because I like Deku. I am rooting for him, have yet to watch season 2.


I was reading it, but then it got boring real fast so I dropped it. Then people told me the anime is kinda bad too.

@OP: I can’t wait to see the anime for PopTeamEpic. I hooe they do the fake cancellation too.


Sorry, I saw the post but couldn’t answer yesterday. I just don’t know? I did saw the anime before the manga when they were just beginning and ended up caught in the manga and didn’t finish watching the second season… I like the idea a lot, maybe is that. I didn’t watch Naruto and wasn’t too fond of shonen actually but I liked the idea. You have lots of characters, everyone has (or not) a different quirk and want something, and when those whishes collide you have epic battles. Maybe the idea that having a Symbol of Peace and all that burden in one person was kinda a really bad idea. People trying to teach Midoriya that saving people is good, but please take care of yourself too. And the characters, the art style, the fandom is just awesome, dunno, I just want to see how the story goes. Last time I checked a character was killed. I do like the story and probably ain’t the best to defend it. I just like manga superheroes 'xD


I am so hyped right now! Golden Kamui is in my top 3 favorite series ever. But I didn’t think it would ever get an anime. But it did and I’ve been waiting for it ever since. Still isn’t out yet, but this PV made me super hyped.


I love watching Shokugeki no Souma.
So many orgasm reactions lolololol.


If Man With A Mission didn’t perform for this anime, it will be a huge blasphemy.


bokurano made me cry and eat my heart out.
Pandoras box
Tokyo Ghoul
these are the only things i can think of right now lol xD


Watching Black Butler at the moment…i still think that Sebastian’s voice does not suit him.
Gave up with Vampire Knight & D.N.Angel…don’t know why though, they just became rather dull for me.


Lmao there aren’t that many wolves in the anime (a tragedy but that’s a story for a different time). If they’re willing to switch to a bear mask however…

@OP: started watching/reading Tsurezure Children. This anime make me feel really sad to be single. Still really cute and heartwarming tho.


Have not watched a lot of anime since blazing through My Hero Academia in two days.

Started God Eater. It has promise, but Angry Shonen Protagonist has yet to engage me with his Angry Shonen Antics.


I agree with you refarding Gods eater, games way better. They put to many tropes on the anime…


I finished reading All About Lust today. Best bl Ive read plus has an ace character :relaxed:


I’m actually super excited for the winter 2018 season. There are a couple of my favorite series getting an anime. Haven’t been this excited for anime in a while. The 2 I definitely going to watch are going to be “Hakumei to Mikochi” and “Pop Team Epic”. Both are top 5 series for me.


I love anime
my top 5 anime are
Attack on Titans
No game no life


You sir! Have fantastic taste! Other than volleyball. What’s that? (I know about the sport before someone makes that joke)


OH frick, 10 seconds into Pop Team Epic and I’m already getting trolled. Didnt think theyre gonna use that bit at all. But I should have seen it coming, the beginning of the series is exactly where this joke can work.

Edit: yup this sounds about right