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Sayonara Zetsubou sensei is one if my favorite series. The anime is great, but I think the manga is a lot better. You can actually take time to read and digest all the cultural references


Just randomly popping in:

Some of my favourite anime (this is entirely subjective/biased) include Osomatsu-San, Mekakucity Actors (well, Kagerou Project cos the anime will never be better than the actual song series), Umineko no naku Koro ni (again, the manga and games are always better), Durarara, Erased and Aldnoah Zero (the second season is…eh…).


Hey in case anyone didn’t know hellsing ultimate abridged episode 8 is out now, have fun!


When I tried to watch it said not available. Is this only an issue for me or is it common?


It’s common, try watching it in their website.


Watching danganronpa 3 and wondering, why did they put season 2 along side it. At least on Crunchyroll they play the future arc and the despair arc as the same season. Is it different this time or is it just being weird?


anyone looking forward to the new anime coming out with the skull-headed mage dude and the 16 year old magic apprentice. The exact name escapes me but I think it was called “Married to the Mage” or something like that.


The ancient Magnus’ bride


Not really, I read the manga so I know everything that will happen. Pretty good story, didn’t think it would get thisbmuch hype tho. Guess that one series I couldn’t predict. You should watch it tho, i think you’d like it. Also the title is “mahou tsukai no yome”, or “The ancient magus bride”.

@OP: I should watch Inuyashiki, coulnt get into it as a manga so maybe an anime will be different. Great story tho.


Thank you~
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EDIT: Started watching Magi after reading a little into the manga but I have to say the manga I better. Anyway, whats the anime people are most Hyped for?


Can’t think of anything that seems really interesting so I have mainly been watching old series, I think the best so far is danganronpa 3


I’m still waiting on highschool dxd season 4. Hopefully next year…


Wasnt that series cancelled long ago? I dont think theres gonna be another season.

@moonwalkerdragon there’s one that is the second season of one of my favorite manga. Can’t remember the name, but it’s probably definitely starts with: “Hozuki-kun…”


I was going to put a highschool dxd meme but then I found this

From the list I think eighter keima or shido are the best because I remember they at least got to first base with multiple waifus


Unless something has happened since April it’s been green lit for another season.


Oh shit it’s still going? Thought it died long ago. Well, have fun with it


Feigns ignorance what are you implying?


Oh come on do I have to spell it out for you? I said have “fun” with it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Edit: just found this manga today, the premise is really interesting.


Has anyone seen juni taisen so far? I’ve been watching it for a while and sweet geese it isn’t that good but I love it for some reason


I do watch anime, but I’m a lot more of a manga reader. It’s kinda rare that I actually finish an anime. Ones I would recommend would be Steins;Gate if you like sci-fi, Plastic Memories if you also like shoujo… I mean they had killer robots, the end could’ve been a lot more interesting, but no, let’s make a shojo (? Nanbaka are shorts and I really like the animation, and my sister’s watching Servamp that it’s pretty much the same in style, but I don’t like the story. I didn’t finish Assasination Classroom, ERASED is awesome and you should watch it, Anohana is cool, Boku no hero is at their third season I think, and they’re awesome. I’m more into the manga but the anime’s catching up pretty good.

And that’s everything I can think of now, sorry for the rants