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watched a creepy anime called Blood-C…I will not recommend it as something to watch at, like, 11:00 at night…
And I warn you, do not be fooled by Ghost Hound like I was; its not that childish.
BTW, anyone here watched Kaidan Restaurant? I heard its really good.


Blood C was not that creepy for me, I like that anime. Have u watch Another or Blood + before


I am taking break from all blood and gore animes and going to watch shin chan. I have left it for a year or two.
Can anyone tell if new episodes are getting dub?


nope (20 dead characters)


Since this is the 666th comment just like to remind you guys that devil is a part timer is good… that is all, hail satan.


Meh, it’s okay; makes me look over my shoulder each time I go into a fast food restaurant.


Ayyy my other favorite manga is getting an anime as well. Life is good again. “Hakumei to Mikochi”, official English title “Tiny Little Life in the Woods”, anime is in the work. Think “Made in Abyss”, but more slice of life


I am trying to remember an old anime that I watched years ago. I can’t remember much but the basic premise. It was about a group of people in school who knew about a weird digital world and when it was corrupted it affected the real world by creating (black data) monsters. And the people had to go in and purge the corruption. I remember watching it on a t.v channel called kix or it may have been jetx.


That sounds like Digimon Data Squad/ Digimon season two.

Question: Can this thread be used for cartoons as well or is there a forum for that?


Nothing related to digemon sadly. :frowning:


I think i know what you’re talking about. Is it Code Lyoko/Kyoko/Something-or-other-oko?


Yes! I’m 99% sure that is it thank you!


Code Lyoko (20 char)


Re zero got a trailer for an OVA, which I’m pretty excited for (I mean, it’s no season 2 but it’s still something)


Anyone remember Tekkaman Blade or Devil man. Used to love them when i was younger. They was what got me into anime. Then came ninja scroll and basalisk. Good times.


I really watched quite a lot of anime but now almost don’t because of the busy work.
I like many animations but the most impressive one for me might be Durarara. It should be the first anime that uses special perspective conversions to tell a story.


Are there any good anime with a modern fantasy setting (that don’t focus on schools) something like the t.v show supernatural (I know their was a supernatural animation but I reject it as a thing)


Centaur’s Life. Granted it’s has school in it, but half the stuffs happen outside of school. So…compromise?


I shall check it out when the dub is further along thanks.


I’ve been watching sayonara zetsubou sensei recently. I decided to type up the ending for it because I had no idea what was happening in most episodes, which I should not have done because my mind feels like it has been fu***d. I’m not going to spoil anything, but yeah, I just sat there like “Whaaaaaa…??”