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I know this is an anime topic but their has also been some manga talk. I am proud to declare i purchased my first manga. It is devil survivor and i recommend it.


I read the manga, it’s pretty good. Saw a bit of the anime as well


I never read a devil Survivor manga before but I did watch the anime and played the devil Survivor 1 & 2 I like them


Never watched nor played devil survivor, listened to season one opening though…pretty good.


Persona 5 Animation confirmed, coming to Japan in 2018.

Danganronpa Animation might have been disappointing for people who played the game. But for a person who hasn’t like me, it saved me about 20 bucks and i can jump straight to danganronpa 2. Plus, the opening is pretty good

I cant believe this is finally happening, I’m crying tears of joy right now. I never thought this manga would get an anime soon. Not because it isn’t good enough, but it’s because the manga heavily featured the ainu language. From what I know, there isn’t a lot of native ainu speakers left in the world and it would be hard to teach the voice actors/actresses to speak ainu correctly.


Anyone got thoughts on Summer 2017 so far?


So many romance genre. Not my taste :frowning_face:
But Kakegurui is fun, from what I’ve heard.

Something about gambling and mindbreak :crazy_face:


The Manga is fun to read, and the animation is kinda hilarious. Definitely worth a watch if you just want to turn off your brain and laugh a bit


I prefer to wait until a season/ series is completed to watch (with the exception of series that will run long)


I’ve started watching detective Conan, been pretty good so far


I recommend you guys give Centaurs Worries a try. It’s an anime about a world where mythical creatures replaced humans, and the story follow the life of a center in high school. It’s pretty cute and mellow. But later on in the show there’s this subtle change in tone. Plus there’s a weirdass dream arc, but I don’t know if the anime will get there. Disclaimer: I haven’t watch the anime, but I read the manga. I know you guys don’t really read manga so I’m recommending anime now.


@a_shoggoth I think that manga is called ‘Centaurs Life’ if it follows a chestnut centaur in high school with other magical monsters.


Yeah translation differences, but Centaur’s Life is the official translation


My gosh, I learn new things every day!


I just finished watching d-frag and it is hillarous. possibly the funniest thing i have watched.


Nice, I love dfrag as well. Been following it since i first read the manga. Its still hilarious. If im not mistaken, the anime stopped right after Tama-senpai/onee-chan right?


Anyone have any idea about ending about ending of detective conan? When and how will it end? I like the series. But it’s so long and we don’t have slightest idea about solution of main problem. Can anyone watching it right now explain timeline how much time it has been since shinchi disappeared obviously not 20 years.


Saddest anime betrayal


Just started watched Fate/Stay Unlimited Blade Works, heard Sakura’s voice (dub) recognized her as Ciel (since that was the last time I heard her voice) and started playing God Eater… I’m easily distracted :blush:


One of the only shows I’m fully caught up with this season is my girlfriend is a gal… I’m trash.