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that should be this:

“DO NOT press the pause button in ANY CICUMSTANCE whilst watching an anime for the following reason of YOU MAY GET PUT OFF THE DAM THING! You have been warned by the Multi-Fandom kid!”


Got another good ol’ anime shitpost for ya lovely people:


Have anyone here read Molester Man yet? If you haven’t I highly recommend it, read it long ago and it’s still one of my favorite manga series of all time.


Sounds like hentai tho…


It supposed to be, after all it’s a story originated from 2ch



i agree…nods i agree


It’s 2ch, it’s not hentai and it’s not lewd. I swear on the honor of me mum.


I just finished watching noragami. It is in my opinion awesome. It has become my 2nd favourite anime and I recommend everyone watches the first few episodes at least.


It is indeed an awesome anime. I’m still waiting on that third season…


Does the second season follow the manga or is it original like the first season?


No idea, I haven’t read the manga :sweat_smile:


Can anyone recommend me a good crime mystery anime other than detective Conan, death note, gossick and psycho pass with little bit of details.


I wish I could help, but I’m a manga reader so I don’t know a lot about anime.


Jojo’s bizzare adventure Diamond is unbreakable. Its a murder mystery, its best to go in blind it has supernatural aspects, but ghost in the shell cpuld count too.


Psycho Pass is set in the future, where criminality is based on Sybil’s judgement depending on how clear your hue would be. :slight_smile:

Edit: Wait, Psychopath? Do you mean Psycho Pass?


Yeah I meant psycho pass. It was autcorrected because I wrote it without space.


I won’t mind reading manga later. Currently I am buying DC identify crisis.


have you tried code geass? i highly recommend it.


Yep, both seasons.
20 characters


Anyone here watched Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid?

Lemme tell you, that’s some good shit.