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Just remembered an anime called kino’s journey I watched a while back, and learned that it’s supposedly getting a new series this fall


Mine is not a famous one "baka and test" heck I was even thinking of making a game out of it but it didn’t happen copyright problem


You probably could make a game out of it, but I don’t think you’re allowed to profit from it right? (Is that how it works? Correct me if I’m wrong)


Have you read the author’s current series? It’s called Grand Blue and I actually like it a lot more than baka to test


I highly recommend watching Samurai Flamenco if you have Netflix. Especially if you like Super Sentai-like anime, comedy, and slice-of-life kind of stuff.


Oh Rem… Poor, poor Rem… :sob:

I’d also say poor Subaru, but after that shit he pulled in the capital he kinda had it coming…


Who’s rem? (20 characters)


This girl right here:


Literally who? (Making a reference)


You don’t know Rem from Re:Zero?!
Heresy! :anger:

Raise a pitchfork
edit: ah, ninja’d


I was making a white whale reference. You clod.


Ah, I see :sweat_smile:. Guess that’s what happens when you don’t sleep for two days :sweat:

@Szaal; Rem, Ram, or Emilia (or Felix, if you swing that way)?


Wont there also be a film based on extra? Last Encore i think. More Umu!
(Crosses fingers for FeMC but at this point it looks bleak)


I guess, sorry for ruining the joke? :sweat_smile:

Drops the pitchfork

I don’t know TBH. Each has their own level of cuteness and I can’t see anything bad from them :sweat:
If only polyamory is an option :smiling_imp:


The true answer is simple, Gilgamesh. He IS tge way.


If you’re talking about when Subaru snapped at Emilia in the capital I’d say it’s justified, he had all this stuff that he wanted to get out in the open but he couldn’t say because of you know who, so he just said what he could.

If it’s about him rejecting you know who in the capital (trying to avoid spoilers) I’d say that is also justified, because she kinda did murder him twice… Brutally murder him


I actually think the first half of his complaints are valid, but the second half (when he says she’s more indebted to him than could possibly be repaid) is not.

Nah, it’s not about that. I think even I would have a hard time getting past being brutally murdered by a cute maid, but I was talking about the time when Betelgeuse used the unseen hands on her for the first time and turned her arms and legs backwards, only for her to crawl over to Subaru and release him so he could die and have a breakdown :unamused:(not that I’m blaming him, that much pain ought to traumatize anyone).


Am I the only who thinks it’s kinda hot when the Witch caresses his heart?


I don’t like re:zero. I watched till suberu had his epiphany with Rem in the capital but many things had annoyed me and I just hated suberu as a character.


I have found the most glorious thing to ever grace the planet:

Anime was not a mistake.


Never press the pause button when watching an anime