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Its better than it should be


Nah most people on this forum will likely going to agree with you. Just don’t say that anywhere else though. That’s the kind of shit that will get you shot. It’s the weeb equivalent of going to Compton and loudly proclaim your love for Trump lul


I read the latest translated chapter of re zero, and what happened to Subaru was just brutal


Supposed to all the chapters he’s lightly beaten.


this really annoys me but lets see what you all think of anime style avengers (I checked and its legit)


I love anime, Id recommend Saga of Tanya the Evil, The Devil is a part timer, Full Metal Alchemist, and Little Witch Academia.


The new fate anime is good so far.


Do all the fate anime have to be watched in order or is it like yu gi oh and each series is separate?


I think they’re based off of different routes in a visual novel, so no.


Fate/Zero is a prequel to all the others. Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Unlimited Blade Works and Fate/ Heaven’s Feel are different routes from the visual novel. The Heaven’s Feel movie is being made and the other two have anime.

The others are spin-offs/alternate stories.

Heaven’s Feel best route
Sakura best bae


Stay away from kalied… unless you’re into Yuri loli magical girls. Or tiny gilgamesh.


I’ve been avoiding it just because of how much I’ve heard of it, that and I initially thought all the series were canon so I wouldn’t know where to start, I only have had exposure due to an abridge series. (Blueazurecrow)


Honestly, by now it’s all turned into a huge cluesterfuck. Because I think that technically all but Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya are canon.

I recommend the ones based on the vn though (except for the original Fate/Stay Night anime, that one sucked). But I’ve only watched them and one episode of Kaleid (it had Yuri ¯_(ツ)_/¯). I’m super excited for the Heaven’s Feel movie though.


To each their own :blush:



Team Purple (Sakura x Rider) for best Yuri pair. Especially their Carnival Phantasm incarnation.

Tohsaka Rin for best smug grin.

Saber for most food consumed per unit body mass.


Any one else here play fate extra (I guess its sorta related to anime so I’m just gonna put it here) if you chose to play as female you could get some hinting at Yuri (but your character is so oblivious that it just passes by them for most of it (although I haven’t played it in a while so I don’t remember if you “get” with anyone))


The psp one? Yeah and extella.


The Beserker of Black is so adorable, the way she growls and says her name.


are we talking about animals here?
(jokes, don’t kill me)


Just a growly waifu.