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Haven’t seen a single episode of either rpokemon or Digimon since I was 10

Me in real life

@Zadit that’s so Raven is a way better anime than Cory in the house


Digimon data squad is okay, but the first series (Agumon and Ty who was the first goggle wearer) and the recent Xros wars (Gumdramon, Shoutmon ‘king’, Mikey and Tagiru the goggle wearers in that) are the best in my opinion. Pokémon…well…I only really like it coz I’ve been a fan since Hoenn (Kanto and Johto weren’t that great) but I must say the latest data release and updats of the next Pokémon film based on the legendary PKMN Marshadow looks okay though its basically a reboot (following from the moment when Ash gets Pikachu, only he gets two different companions who follow him through his whole journey instead of get plucked off by a Pidgy in each region.)


You know, I am very hesitant to recommend this particular manga on this forum. Some people on here might have a knee-jerk reaction and call this male fanservice. But hear me out first, the manga im about to show does have a fair amount of lewdness to it, but the it’s to entice the readers so they stick around and learn some very useful information. Plus there is also a bit of female fanservice as well. Anyway, this is one of my favorite recent manga since I started going to the gym and a lot of the stuffs in this manga are very helpful. Rant end.


Have any of you guys watch Samurai Flamenco? :thinking:


heard of it, been advertised on a couple of anime sites but never actually watched it.


Nope nope nope nope nope nope.


You know, I read s decent amount of manga. But it’s hard to find someone to talk about the manga that ive read. So I thought, why don’t I just put a recommendation for a manga here once a week or so, to spark some discussion. No one have to read the manga, but if i can recommend something that somebody find interesting then I’ll consider that a success.

With that said, welcome to my weekly manga recommendation! This week I present to you something that is lighthearted and cute, a manga that will surely warm your cockles. This, ladies and gentlemen, is "Hakumei to Mikochi"


ummm…that manga sort of gave me the creeps after the first chapter; the cuteness was just so much it was scary…


What’s a cockle?

I recommend Dead Tube where sex and violence is the same thing.

I also remember peep hole (the name is the Japanese translation of it) it’s about a suicidal guy dating a serial killer. It was ok for about 75% but the rest was unnecessary.


@moonwalkerdragon You’re actually not wrong, as you continue reading there’s a sense that the world that the two characters live in is hiding a dark side as well. It can get creepy when you think about it past the kawaii. The 2 MCs won’t ever see it but the readers can get a glimpse of it every now and again.

@Dark_Stalker the cockles are the ventricles of your heart. If I remember correctly, the ventricles are the 2 large chambers of the heart as opposed to the atrium, which are the small chambers. I’ve read Dead Tube, it’s alright I suppose. I feels like it’s just shock value without much plot to go with it. There are many others like it, good for a bit of cringe reading every now and then as long as you dont think too much about it


Kind of a given, with the premise. I figured that out the moment I saw “I’m a virgin”

I don’t trust those faces…


1fate Series and ova 2 Samurai deeper kyo
3Noragami 4 Gintama
5Rurouni Kenshin 6 Berserk


Finally can legally watch little witch, thank kek.


nice for some, I cant find the dang thing…


While not “legal” I recommend using 9anime.


Just search little witch academia


Hey weeb boys and weeb girls of this little corner of the intetwebs, it’s your good old manga obsessed hipster again. I am back to bring you the manga that I like with the hope that someone will read them and I’ll have someone to talk to. This is definitely not a desperate cry for help because I’m lonely, perish such thoughts right now. This week im bringing you a manga from Inio Asano, the same author who brought you “Oyasumi Punpun” (which i will talk about in the segment of this show that absolutely no one asked for). Without further ado, I present to you “Dead Dead Demon’ s Dededededestruction”. This is the story of 2 high school girls’ ordinary life in a strange extraordinary world.

Remember that one manga I mentioned earlier in this post? “Oyasumi Punpun”? I wanted to talk about it but I thought the story might be a bit too heavy for some of the members here. So I decided to create a new segment of this show called The Manga Connoisseur (yes that is the name of this show and no you do not have the right to criticize or make fun of it) After Dark, where I’ll talk about manga that are either nsfw or too dark for younger audiences. Will anyone read all the way down here? Probably not, but if you are here then stay a while, I have some dark stories for your darken minds. Again, this week we will be talking about "Oyasumi Punpun"

This manga follows the life of the titular character from elementary all the way to his mid 20s. This is a story of a boy’s coming of age as he cope with his dysfunctional family and life. What I really like about this is the shift in the storytelling as the character grow older. The story is told through the eyes of the main character, so when he is younger he view the world with a lense of innocence. But as he grow older the tone of the story change as the MC’s view of the world changes. This is a manga that I would wholeheartedly recommend everyone to read ad it is definitely a masterpiece in storytelling.


I’m a fan of anime, I could recommend many but most of it are old, 'cause new anime doesn’t appeal me much:

Psycho Pass - futuristic crime-investigation
YuYu Hakusho- hunting down apparitions
*Hetalia Axis Power- personified countries, stereotypes, offensive (Korean gov’t took it seriously and ban the character mind you)
Ouran High School Host Club- I assure
you even guys enjoy this! (English dub recommended)
Akatsuki no Yona- Harem? Nope don’t think so
Royal Tutor- Funny
Blood Lad-supernatural creatures
Aoharu x Kikanjuu- Survival games, er, I forgot the right term
Ghost Stories- English dub cause it’s funnier and probably out of character compared to original

That’s all I can think of, can’t say my description is accurate but the idea is there at least, I hope.


I hope A1 does Fate/Apocrytha right, Episode was pretty good I hope things only get better.


I may get shit for this as I’ve met an annoying amount of people who get angry :rage: for it but screw it. I started watching Boruto and I think :thought_balloon: it’s really good.