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Kinda of where I’m at. Not that I’m expecting it to be bad, just that it won’t live up to my expectations.


Yeah, that’s often the problem with any kind of media - but mangas seem to suffer this fate much more often - mostly around the third act or so and most stories end up with a huge drop in quality as if all those writers would only be able to create a build up but not be able to deliver with a satisfying finale…By now me expecting to be disappointed at the end of a story is nearly an automatism. :T


The latest one I can remember that really disappointed me is Hayate, especially since the ending scene implied that the big final battle could’ve just been avoided all together, and it dragged on way too long anyway…

It’s probably why I’ve been focused on more action and comedy oriented manga lately.


Just chiming in outta no where here lul manga are usually like that due to the simple fact that they’re supposed to have no ending. Editors want their author to make the series as long as possible to make more money. The reason most endings are rushed because the only reason they were made is due to the manga being axed. When a manga is axed, most likely due to underperforming, the authors are usually given maybe 3~5 chapters to wrap it up. As you can probably guess, a sudden and restricted timeframe tend to lead to shitty ending. So next time you see an unsatisfying ending in a manga, don’t be too hard on the author, that’s him/her losing their job


Oh, please, that’s the same problem with every comic series ever, doesn’t change that it’s shitty story telling, and as examples exist that it can be done better I won’t keep back my criticism on it or the business model that leads to it.


Anyone whose interest lies in the abstract and different, let’s maybe have a chat?


Define “different”, how different is different to you?


Eh…trippy or abstract I guess?

I’m kinda new so the way some things operate is a bit new to me, I was expecting this tone somewhere else.


Well, I apologise if I intimidated you. You see when one spend enough time on Reddit and/or 4-chan, they tend to get rough around the edges in their language. I merely wanted to know what you would think is different instead of normal. Since to some anything that isn’t Naruto/boruto, one piece, or any mainstream anime would be consider different. To others, they would consider anything less regcognizable to be different.

How about I recommend you something I like and let’s go from there, shall we? Have you read anything by Douman Seiman/Dowman Sayman? If not I’d recommend you give Nickelodeon a try. It’s quite marvelously strange indeed


Just watched World trigger’s 1st Episode yesterday! and OMFG Yume Kuga is so cute! *que the fangirl nosebleed.


I have been unable to find an anime to hold my interest. The last one I finished was legend of the legendary heroes. Does anyone know of a similar anime.


Madoka is quite similar, Vision of Escaflowne also if your into that kind of fantasy story type thing. I would like to say World Trigger but I think that’s slightly too cyberpunk for what your looking for. Perhaps Magi? but that’s a bit, ehh, in my opinion then again…I would say that something like Shinobi life (which I could never finish because of all the awkward flirting with the dam hot ninja!). Finally (I will shut up now) not really an anime but Demon diary, P.H.D Fantasy degree and Ceres celestial legend can fit neatly with what your looking for. is this okay from what I have of my manga+ anime knowledge?



What is legendary of legendary heroes about? I know my friends watch it but I never check it out. If I know more about it I might be able to recommend something


A boy has magic eyes that make him an outcast and monster in the eyes of society. His best friend becomes friend then frees him to go search for powerful ‘hero’ relics to create a M.A.D (mutually assured destruction) situation to enforce world peace. Any more detail is quite spoilery.


Oh then I’d recommend you try out Douman Seiman’s works. Just joking, i recommend Dowman Sayman to everybody. Real talk now, perhaps something like Youjo Senki or Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken


I don’t know if they’re related (probably not) but I would recommend one punch man (maybe you’ve seen it or not) but its pretty funny, re zero, the first episode or two has it seem like a lighthearted anime, but a few episodes later it gets pretty dark (and even darker after that), and an anime called Charlotte which is pretty good, and I would have to say it has one of the best endings to anything I’ve seen, not because it has some big or anything (although there are a few) but it wraps everything up nicely (but that’s just my opinion)


Just curious, are there any fan of pop team epic on here?

I was reading one of my favorite manga when I came across this page. Spent 10 minutes trying to solve the problem. Then remembered that I hate math and gave up


I watch pokemon and cory in the house


try Digimon, its better than Pokémon! well, better anime at least.


I liked digemon data squad. I have not watched anyother digemon series.