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spirited away 2 is now confirmed people! everyone start dying now! it is going to destroy everything!

#On a Lighter Note#

found a mysterious Teen Titan thing online, I know it is not young justice nor GO! (shudders) but it is sort of anime and I was wondering if anyone recognised it from pictures?


I think it’s from one of the newer DCAU movies. Forgot the title, but saw the trailer some time ago. Looks cool, I guess, compared to the insanity that was The Killing Joke.


That’s Blue Beetle (about 99% sure).


Damn son, Centaur no Nayami a.k.a Centaur’s Worries is getting an anime this summer. I have to check that out. The manga was really interesting. It seems to be a relaxed, heartwarming at first but there’s some weird shite later on. It’ll be interesting g how they handle the weird stuffs.


found it, tested my French a lot but still…trailers in English apart from the website I found it on. Its called ‘Teen Titans Vs the Justice League’ if anyone is curious.


Sighs guess I’ll have to save up money again:

Goden Kamuy is definitely a manga worth having physical copies around


Just finished “Grave of the Fireflies”. It hurts like being hit in the gut by fist made out of lead powered by my empathy.


My hero academia vs boruto. Commance


just binge watch my hero academia… and damn i love it :heart_eyes:
btw i’ll put Natsume Yuujinchou, Ao no Exorcist. and for something to waste your tissue for crying i recommend old anime : Tokyo magnitude 8.0 (seriously i can barely contain my tears while watching it) :joy:


Both are mediocre, fairly standard Jump series


i am upset by this trailer (emotionally) in many ways because A) its not an actual thing yet it looks so professional B) the song is so heart warming and I think we can all agree that Linker is the cutest blue dog-human ever (follows after solatorobo so he is actually Cainanu) but anyway: watch it.

#This is the poster I was talking about!
It looks so dog-dam professional I don’t know what to think anymore, I wish I could contact the creators and ask what exactly they are planning to do with it sigh.

EDIT: new clip forgot to add and you may want to turn it down a tad…


A bit off-topic, but this makes me wanna watch Sailor Moon again. And ice skating (I stopped following ice skating after Yuna Kim retired)


i stopped ice skating when I missed my landing and broke my leg. Good times I have at the local skating rink in winter.


I only watch ice skating when it’s combined with football and bar brawl a.k.a hockey


that’s fun, especially when it starts getting really violent…(sarcasm)


But it IS fun when it start getting violent. That’s literally the only reason anyone would watch hockey kappa


Ice skating is why i watch death parade


Has anyone seen the kings avatar, if not i highly recomend it mandarin is kinda weird to hear tho.



Kei Changed from the genre shift but I am not really counting it. He seems nicer, but we’ve seen that even from at the hospital with the doctor who helped him escape Satou and village grandma. To me he just seems more likely to risk his head.

Satou… definitely the same. Though we now know he’s a gamer.

Kou little more cynical at times but overall still idealistic.

Tanaka seems nicer and isn’t so willing to delve into well intentioned extremist

Tosaki is the same, we’ve just seen he isn’t a racist and is just doing his job.

And everyone else from what I remember mostly got backstories.

@Interestedparty I liked both scenes so it was fine.


I felt more like the characters are either inconsistent/the author doesn’t know what to do with them (Kei), or the character development is not really…well, worth mentioning (Most of the rest of the cast, ignoring some of the characters that are not just for the plot but also thematically useless) (However, that also could be because I rolled my eyes about few character’s backstory and archetypes).

But I agree about Satou, though I also think that there is not much worth mentioning about him. He works as villain, at least in the limited ways the story needs, but there is not much interesting about him besides his character type being rather rare by now.
Honestly the whole time reading I’m always a little bit on edge about my judgement about the manga, by now it’s engaging enough, but by now I expect the quality to permanently flip to bad side…but well, I’m hoping.