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This sounds so silly yet very entertaining to write into a story


I don’t even…Not a lot of things can make me speechless but this is definitely one of them. You know, I don’t even care anymore, if they want to make a series based on a Chinese cartoon series the can go right ahead. I’ll be happy as long as they nail the potato chip scene


On a random note… I just blew through one punch man… O…M…G!
I really enjoyed how outrageous it was. ( even though Netflix didn’t have it dubbed. I have also found I don’t mind subtitles as much as I used to.

Speed-o-sound Sonic… cutest ninja ever!


The sequel (both anime and manga) for Cardcaptor Sakura has left me with several feelings.

On one hand, I’m happy to see my babies again (especially Syaoran since he’s my favorite). On the other hand, the possibility of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxholic tying with it is feeling me with dread.

(I also know that CLAMP maybe trying to go back to their Cash Cow in the 2000s but I don’t necessarily mind it.)


Mumen Rider is best hero.


King is the best. Nothing can beat the King Engine


Body swap Flashy Flash with Puri Puri Prisoner!
Angel MODE!!!


is it me or has there never been an anime or manga about the zodiac? I mean, call me dumb, but I would of thought that would have been done by now and if not I shall send my ideas off to Shoen Jump! because I have tones of ideas. hehehe…help me!


I watch anime, I haven’t watched any recently, I’ve been reading more manga (the last ones I watched have been Yuri on Ice and Danganronpa 3) but the ones I like the most have been Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Tokyo Ghoul,Ouran High School Host Club, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Parasyte (which is amazing, I reccomend watching it) Black Butler and Death Note


Fruitsbasket? Its about the Chinese zodiac.


Their was an anime about people who where chosen by these bracer things that each represent a zodiac and. It really annoys me that I remember so much about it but not the name . There was also the Jackie chan adventures which focused heavily on zodiac stones


okay, I am an idiotic dragon so universe forgive this poor creature! multitasking involving learning to code and keeping a cousin occupied is not a good idea, but F it; its Friday.


Legend of the golden dragon! Thats wjat the first anime i remembered was. It was is and always will be awesome in my heart. (mainly because i dont plan on watching it again and ruining it for my 7/8 year old self)


There are a fair amount of manga about the zodiac. None of them is great tho. I can definitely remember one that was mediocre, but I don’t remember the name


The only ones of the top of my head are the Saint Seiya animes, in which everyone gets armor sets based off of constellations (and the twelve most powerful suits are based of the zodiac constellations)


Fairy Tail uses the zodiac aswell though not exclusively and it’s kinda silly but up until the evil arc… but the whole series tends to be lighthearted and exaggerated.


I was so excited when I heard that one of my all time favorite manga will get a live action movie. But then I saw the trailer and got so disappointed cause it look like absolute (pardon my French) horseshit


So hyped


Ey, after a billion years, Attack on Titan Season 2. I don’t even read the manga anymore; I stopped when Eren FINALLY got inside the basement and the truth about his dad and the titans came out.

I was a high school junior during its heyday, and now I’m in college. Time flies so fast when you stop caring…


I too, stopped reading the manga when I was a high school junior. Although it was before AoT became cool, I’m such a hipster xd