Forsaken (WiP) |September 6, 2019|

A man with red hair hair stands proudly as he wields a pocket watch radiating with mystical energy.

*Double hair.

ok I am going to ro Velvet even if I die in this story

@E_Nyholm Not sure if that would fit in the story. I mean, the MC is mortal. So they’ll rule for like 20 years or something?

@Runbunnyrun Ah shit, here we go again

@Takashi_Shin Ooooh, what if I kill her? :smirk:


So there is no magic that can let you live longer?

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please make give choice save her or other guy it will hurt my heart not get choice save one of them /// even not choice still read it maybe cry that she die ///

there saying even if you had lot power you can’t stop old age

@E_Nyholm Reincarnation is the only way, but the cost is the soul.

@Takashi_Shin Hehehe :smiling_imp: I’m just kidding.

Or am I?


you good play with feeling Bathala

But Mc doesn’t have one :frowning:

@Takashi_Shin Hue hue hue :smiling_imp:

@DontJudge Exactly


One too many (*)

H is capitalized

Ah crap, I’ll fix that

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Hey rules have been changed

For a moment I thought we were going for the:
Velvet-“And what’s the price”
MC-“I’ll make do with you no longer angry at me”

Okay few things.
Will there be way act only your self-interest and give zero f##ks about world.
Girl (forgot her name) who we use against ghost, is she RO? /Never mind. I looked it up./
And can we become like mentor to her and teach her magic?
Last one is probably stupid but can we stap our friends back and I don’t know sell them off to save our sexy ass?

The first and last thing seem a bit too much for the MC from first impression even considering what they did to start all this.

I can see what you mean. But in the end this choice of games. There is to be more than one way. You can play as selfless hero or selfish asshat.


quote=“Bahamuht, post:34, topic:57518”]

Spells don’t :laughing:

If the MC said that, they’d cease to exist


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Can you use somebody else in your long life spell. I don’t know maybe some fox like woman who seems bee little too trusting.

Except she isn’t.