Forsaken (WiP) Chapter 1 is done

When we can choose what we wear. I would love trench coat.

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It will be on chapter 3. Each item has its own unique ability.

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So basically two of the ROs wants the MC dead… fun?


Yeah, but at least you’ll have the Angel of Death which is also an RO


The MC sure has bad tastes…(in a good way)

So does my MC.

Fortunately, Velvet interrupts you before the coach catches your bullshit. “He’s from the government and he’s here to investigate the previous deaths,” she says with a voice laced with honey. Her sweet smile convinces the coach.

should be she instead of HE

well I like…like like like…hum…I actually LOVE the demo! Nothing like screwing the past, trying to fix it…or profit from it . Just love it!

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Just thinking will we get some sort of weapons. Like daggers. It could be that every weapon supports one of magic types

Thats beautiful mate​:+1::grin:

MC has a pocket watch, gotta go get it

Is it a weapon?

Sort of, hehehehehe

As long I can be manipulative A****le I’m happy