"Form a Family" What games would you recommend me?


I like cyoa a lot for its “your choices matter” feature, and I also enjoy the sims for it “marry and have kids” features.

I somewhat dislike the sims lack of randomness, specially in its fourth installment. And some cyoa stories lack the “form a family” feature I love so much.

Are there stories in this website, or on others, that have both these features? I already played Alter Ego and the “life of a mobster/wizard” series.

I’m now looking for more. Bonus points if you can continue as the child.


There are not too many games like that. (That I know of.)

I’d recommend the WiP called Guenevere. It’s not at the “having kids” stage yet, but there sure is a lot of complicated stuff going on in the MC’s marriage.


The only game, besides Choice of a Mobster, that allows you to build a family is Lords of Aswick.


I have recently come across a MMORPG WIP called Chronicles of Elyria that sounds a bit like what you want. You can check it out at: https://chroniclesofelyria.com

PS: Just thought I should add, don’t expect it to be around the price of COG/Hosted Games. Depending on what tier you would want(I don’t think they plan on keeping the tiers around forever, though), it can cost way more.


Choice of Robots, one of my favorites, allows you to marry and have a kid, though you don’t get to have the kids until much later in the book. Lots of interesting marriage candidates, each with their own quirks and personalities. This was actually the first interactive novel I read.


Life of a Wizard too.


Monsters WIP , you get forced into a family of killers.
Not sure about the children part but I guess April would suffice, she’s a handful.

Lost heir series lets you have a child in part two.