Forgotten Names (WIP) - Updated on 2/22/2021

@King2 I’m back with the reply about stats! Tell me if this answers your question :sweat_smile:


Strength is related to melee fighting mostly, it helps the player if they want to master the scythe (but they will also need a bit of magic for complete mastery)
Intelligence is used as an umbrella for historical, political, and mostly theoretical knowledge.
Magic is useful for becoming a spellcaster later on, but the player has to maintain a good relation with nature (not being scared of the forest, respecting nature etc.)
Leadership grows every time the player is reliable, follows their duty as a council member, protects the people, and being responsible in general.

Humour is just a nuance for the player’s personality.
The rest are more about your view about the world. If you see the best in others or you’re more of a pragmatic, if you want to keep status quo or if you’re thinking of new ways to solve different problems, if you’re kind or not, if you’re a people’s person or more private.

Science and arts are a must only if the player doesn’t want to rely on magic or strength.

Currently, [spoiler]there are three important scenes for the player’s future path. Choosing the family (each family comes with a different stats growth), choosing the one to see before departing (Marsail gives the player something that will be useful only if the player keeps the “humane” and “idealist” stats high; Tamhas gives the player something that works only if the players keeps the “instinct” stat high; Arailt gives something that works only with “intelligence” and “methodical” high), and choosing how to spend the time before sleep in the woods (training will make the player a scythe user or a spellcaster, while painting and tinckering will make them an artist and inventor, respectively).


Yeah it looks great. Thank you

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I like what you have so far. This story has an interesting setting, and charming characters with nicely diverse personalities to boot.

This sticks out to me as something that could have a couple more options to expand on for more different views/responses.

The reason being that someone can be averse to the idea of marriage, but not necessarily to romance/relationships. Option 2 on the screenshot here is good as is because we do need an option to cover an aro perspective, but it doesn’t quite match the vibe I’m talking about for at least one of the new options I’m proposing.

For another one, or two options; the feel of the moment in the scene itself is intentionally abrupt. Giving players a chance to choose something that reflects a natural hesitance to the idea Aunt Mauve presented would flow really well here. :slightly_smiling_face:

None of the options currently available present a natural reluctance that isn’t completely against the idea of marriage.

That’s my 2 cents critique of this particular scene. I look forward to seeing the rest of the land beyond the forest! :blush:

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Thanks a lot! Could you also tell me in which direction those option could go? Like what you felt you nedeed there (aprox. of course) for it to be a choice you would made?

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I did below the image, but spelled out more directly, I guess I’d want a choice that says - “I would rather not, although I’m not against the idea of having a romantic relationship.”

Another choice that reads something along the lines of - “I’m not sure I’m ready for marriage yet.” Either related to misgivings about just jumping into a marriage with a possible stranger a year from the letters’ warning, or because MC isn’t confident they could maintain a healthy relationship with someone if they got to choose their partner from somewhere other than their aunt’s list.

The conflict itself is pretty early, so allowing a player to express a bit of doubt at first should be reasonable as long as there’s time to build up their MC’s confidence after. :slightly_smiling_face:


@LadyUmbreon89 good point, I’ll be sure to include something alonge those lines in the next update:)


I’ll assume this is a bug but the save slots are broken and can’t be used

Oh, really?! :frowning:
I really don’t know what the problem is, I followed the required steps…

Edit: I just tried it myself, it seem ok…? I really don’t know what the problem might be:(


Yeah I’m still seeing smplugin error so idk what the problem is

I think I figured it out. In the startup sheet for your game’s code you have the *sm_init positioned right after the chapter one image, and a page break. It should probably be before those things. If that’s not the problem, then I dunno what it could be, because it is otherwise correct as far as I can tell. :thinking:

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Oh, ok. I’ll fix it tomorrow then, see if that works:)

Edit: I changed the link, making the changes @LadyUmbreon89 suggested. Tell me if it works now:)


Yep it does, thank you :blush:

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