For those who like rock music


Something new I recorded.


Just so happens I was looking for something to listen to while I write, so good timing :smiley: .
I like it, its a bit different form what I normally listen to, though I’m not keen about the talking at the start but still enjoyable song to listen to.Thanks for sharing


thanks! and yeah I was just being silly at the start and was gonna take if off but someone told me to keep it.


sweet as! i can dig it. the drums sound a lot more natural and varied than the other song you posted a while back, so that’s fantastic, and the guitar is pretty good. really really like the sort of muffled effect it has going for some sections, makes it sound like the music’s playing underwater. my only complaint, if you can call it that, is that i wish the xylophone notes were there for more of the song d:

also, i thought the talking at the beginning was fun. reminds me of this game! and also, for some reason, this song–which is a good thing, since that was one of my favorite songs last year.


I thought it was really good. You are way more skilled than I.