For those who like music


Recorded something just for fun. Really new to this stuff but thought I would share anyway XD

Rock penguin rock!!! lol


That’s really great. 100 times better than anything I could cook up


I wouldn’t mind listening to this as an intermission song or a start menu theme.


The start was quite rough and I wasn’t quite sure if i liked it, but at around the 1 minute mark it really started to pick up and grow on me. I dig the repeated section that I guess would function as the chorus. What did you use to make this?


I agree… didn’t quite like the start either… but I did just throw it together in one day haha. thanks for being honest I like that XD I put more work into the chorus for sure. I used BFD eco drum software for the drums and studio one for the recording software. All guitars and bass I recorded myself. hope that answers your question.
I thought about changing the verses but wasn’t sure if it was worth it.


Thanks for everyone who took the time to listen to it… I guess my only question is it worth it to work on it and make it better? I really don’t wanna be wasting time…and I have my game to work on too!


i’ve got much the same opinion! had a weak start, but definitely picked up around 1:00-1:10, and by 2:40 i was diggin’ it. really dislike the drums, but that’s pretty much a personal thing since i find that particular beat mildly annoying and i’m some sort of complexity elitist–but it also sounds a bit inhuman and a little too loud and all-encompassing, which might not be your fault since i don’t know how that software works, but it’s certainly possible to have natural-sounding drums while using software.

it’s for you to decide whether it’s worth spending more time on, though!


yep yep. def agree. I picked basic drums since I’m really new to using the software and it is pretty dull lol so I was planning on redoing everything and only keeping the chorus melody. thanks everyone