For the Republic! Star Wars:The Old Republic


Okay, I decided to be completely random here. I started playing Swtor about three months ago and I love it! I’m on the light side with a lvl 23 Smuggler, lvl 29 Jedi Knight, lvl 22 Trooper, and lvl 22 Jedi Consular. But when it comes to combat, it’s soooo hard to defeat the enemies!! Another thing, I adore my companions, mainly Qyzen, Kira Carsen, and Corso Riggs. Oh, the jealousy…


Played it day one of released I enjoyed playing it for a few months, but tried to get back on it through free to play. They limit u a lot unless u pay so gave up on it. Combat isn’t hard I usually play as a tank or dps so having companion healer usually helps handle the mob just got to make sure to upgrade equipment in a appropriate time especially getting those equipment from the commendation shops. I did enjoy the pvp which helps with leveling. Funny thing even though I played for many months I only got one character to max and end game.(sith warrior)


Exactly! The preferred players and subscribers get a ton more than us F2P. Kinda unfair but gotta deal with it. I love the male SW! His voice really fits the character. A majority of the time, I’m dps or tank buy sometimes I choose a healer.


Yeah really like that voice it was well done I believe its the same VA for Alistair in Dragon Age Origin. I’m a preferred player as I mention used to pay still limited compared to paid. Really notice the limit when going paid to preferred.


They do sound similar. The female SW just… don’t have anything to say about her.


Female SW is meh just remembering all the good times I had with this mmo ugh going to give it another try.




Been playing since prebeta, been a subscriber since. XD Great game and some good storylines.


I’ve always wondered what the pre-beta looked liked before until now.


I was around since open beta to be exact I’ll let u know if I notice anything going to start a trooper when game finish downloading. Only thing I’ve notice from the last time I played which was in early 2013 was that they made hammerstation flashpoint bossfight easier compared to day 1.


Ahh swtor you bring me and my level 35 sith juggernaut much joy and my level 39 sith sorcerer concurs


Same thing happens to me all the time! I have to beat a boss on the third or fourth time just because I died too much.


Ah, he comes…
Just wanted to know, what would you like changed or added into the game? I have a lot of ideas.


They should add some kind of counter system in the combat. It takes me and like 5 other people to beat a boss! SWTOR is like the Dark Souls of computer games when it comes to boss battles.


Tried it once, but it’s not my cup of tea. I’m generally not a fan of online games. And the fact that there are no homosexual romances in the base game (and the DLC literally creates a ‘gay’ planet) made sure that I would never ever support it.
My Mom is really into it though. I believe she’s at level 43 now.


I’ll be dang, she’s better than me


Most of the time on those hard bosses, when I lose, there is that same trail of enemies respawned, fully restored health, and ready to fight!


Yeah, ugh! Pisses me off! Now I have to destroy them again!


And the more powers you use against them, the less powers you have against the boss because the powers have to recharge!


Exactly, this is what EA/Bioware should fix. I just want to punch the screen whenever I get killed and the enemies are respawned! I mean, you can at least give us some sort of help.