For the Empire: Wars of the Golden Throne

You’re the fifth-born son/daughter of Grand Princess Dara and Emperor Karl. Your mother declared your name for succession without your say-so, making you a contender for the golden throne and a threat to Empress Nrein and your older half brothers. Will you manage to build a power base, an army, and most importantly, win the throne, or will you die trying.

Map (WIP)


I’ll add more details about them later.

King Vlad.

The runaway king.

The Dark lord.

The empire spymaster.

Prince Feroy of House Noorga.

Gossa’s older brother.

Prince Karif.

The Sultan’s second son.


Princess Gossa of House Noorga.

Gossa is an unstable, sadistic, and cruel woman, even by her house standards.

She was found bathing naked with the blood of the dead farmers at the age of eleven.

She’s good at hiding her true self, but when her mind tells her to do something, she has to do it no matter what.

Nobody knows what she will be like as a partner, but having her support will mean having access to half of the west and her father’s massive army.

Sultana Layla : The sultan’s favorite child.

Layla is a strong-willed woman that likes to do what she wants. She will like an understanding MC while hating a controlling one.

She likes riding horses and hunting. She also learned how to fight from a young age and prefers fighting using a spear.

She will be a supportive and strong partner that will stand with the MC no matter what happens. Having her support will mean having access to the sultan’s massive resources and the sultanate’s experienced horse archers.

Princess Farissa of House Astilaa : House Astilaa is one of the strongest houses in the northern regions of the empire.

Farissa is a smart and cunning woman. Her fashion and massive parties are known throughout all the empire. She rules her brother’s kingdom while he spends most of his time at the brothels, making her the true power in her kingdom. A Queen with the title of a princess.

She is an extremely ambitious woman that looks to strengthen her position. Having her as a partner will mean having an intelligent and powerful woman by your side and having access to the berserkers and their unbreakable shield wall.

Lady Quella : The Right Hand of the Emperor’s daughter and one of the richest women in the empire.

Quella will like a kind MC while avoiding a cruel one. She runs most of the capital charities for the poor and always tries to improve their lives by building homes for them, distributing food to the poor, and taking care of the children.

She will be a supportive partner and will fund the MC with a massive amount of gold to help him/her secure the throne.



  • Play as prince or princess.
  • Customize your appearance and personality.
  • Have children.
  • Be a cruel person or Kind or both.
  • Survive assassination attempts.
  • Build and lead an army.
  • Gather support from outside of the empire.

Tumblr New to Tumblr, so bear with me. :sweat_smile:


  • Chapter 1 (100% complete): 31k words

:handshake:t6: amazing! I look forward to it’s update and official release. Thanks!


this looks very good already! loved big sis, can’t wait to see more! :grin:

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Oh, wow


Ah yes. Dynastic struggles and medieval politics. My cup of tea.

I look forward to committing “insert word ending with -cide here” to my lovely lovely family.


Looks like a good start only a few word errors in it all but did notice the most glaring of them when in the throne room and in conversation with the siblings while playing a girl they refer to us as he quite often in one line the next it jumps back to she or her depending on the line.


If MC never wanted to be the ruler, they are still forced to fight for the throne? :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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Glad you enjoyed it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Glad you liked her. She’s one of my favorite characters ,and I plan for her to be involved throughout the entire story.

Thank you for pointing out the gender errors.

Unfortunately, that’s the core of the story. Whether the MC wants it or not, they are now a contender for the throne, thanks to Dara.


This is the closest i can get the game of thrones and honestly pretty excited because of that, i mean it’s pretty wild dream for everyone seeing coc with westeros setting


So no way to intrigue and secretly cooperate with someone to free yourself from duty? :sweat_smile: Pity.

I like games focused on royals, but not when everyone around fighting for power and MC has to participate in it too.

But, yet, I won’t give up on this wip just because one reason. I really enjoyed reading so far.


Glad that you won’t give up. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m already planning a route for those that don’t want the throne, but I will leave it for later because I don’t want to overwhelm myself for now.

Glad you like it. I will try my best to finish the story.


It’s superb . Looking forward to the next update. You know how to play around suspense I was having fun before I saw the curtain draw to a close at the end :grinning::grinning:


It kinda remind me with another wip I read but it also different so that being said I like the story and can’t wait to see more of this :wink:


I liked it and I’m really interested in seeing this progress. I did feel like the MC wasn’t acting like a six year old at times but really that’s my only issue.


Oh very interesting…, very interesting indeed. You smell that? It smells of platinum quality. Mmm… Mmmm, I do love me some angst. Definitely looking forward to whatever else you have to bring to this story, in future updates. Because from what I’ve seen so far, me likey.



I entered other hair color than available.

Also, I just realized something… Gossa x cruel MC! :joy: They will compete with each other who is more sadistic?


Thank you for pointing out the error.

Even a cruel MC should be scared of her. :joy: Can’t wait for people to meet her.


I love what I’ve seen so far. I’m looking forward to see more of your work!


But MC will be able to defend themselves when she tries to humiliate or intimidate them? :pray: I’m sorry, but I’m a bit oversensitive about this, because sometimes the authors allow RO to bully MC and the reader has no option to defend their character. I hate it and that feeling of helplessness :confused:


Oi there @Fat_cat, I tried it but I don’t think I’d enjoy this but G’Luck with thr project and enjoy working on it.

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