For the Empire: War of Heirs (WIP) Chapter 1+ ROs' list #723!

You’re the third-born son/daughter of Queen Helena and Emperor Karl. Your mother declared your name for succession without your say-so, making you a contender for the Golden Throne and a threat to Queen Nrein and your older half-brother. Will you manage to build a power base, an army, and most importantly, win the throne, or will you die trying?


  • Play as a prince or a princess.
  • Have a beast of companion by your side that is ready to die for you.
  • Customize your appearance and personality.
  • Have children.
  • Be a cruel person or kind or both.
  • Survive assassination attempts.
  • Build and lead an army.
  • Gather support from outside of the empire.


Looking for any feedback.


  • Prologue (100% complete) : 2552 words
  • Chapter 1 (100% complete) : 46555 words
Lady Quella

Lady Quella of House Goldstone, the Right Hand of the emperor’s daughter and the MC’s cousin.

The common folks call her the champion of the common, while the nobles think of her as nothing more than a gentle and naive little girl that is trying to fix something that doesn’t need fixing.

Quella uses her great wealth to fund massive charities across the city and build an orphanage for the large numbers of children on the streets with no place to call home.

Not only does she uses her massive funds for the betterment of the common, but she is also a vocal supporter of their right. A thought that gets an eye roll from most of the nobles. Yet, like-minded individuals are joining her cause.

She will like a supportive of a kind MC while standing against a cruel one.

Lady Farissa

Lady Farissa of House Astilaa: House Astilaa is one of the strongest houses in the northern regions of the empire, bannermen to House Makarov. Farissa is the younger sister of Count Ouwdel.

Farissa is a smart and cunning woman. Her fashion and massive parties are known throughout the empire. She rules her brother’s county while he spends most of his time at the brothels, making her the true power in the county. A countess with the title of a lady.

She is an extremely ambitious woman that looks to strengthen her position. Having her as a partner will mean having an intelligent and powerful woman by your side and having access to the berserkers and their unbreakable shield wall.

Can she even be trusted?

Lady Gossa

Lady Gossa of House Noorga, known as the Blood Queen of Noorga.

Gossa is an unstable, sadistic, and cruel woman, even by her house standards. She suffers from the Noogren madness that plagues her entire family.

She sees and hears the world differently from others.

Unlike her mad mother, Gossa is good at hiding her true self, but when her mind tells her to do something, she has to do it no matter what.

Nobody knows what she will be like as a partner, but having her support will mean having access to her dutchy and the Black Guard of her house.

Sultana Layla

Sultana Layla of House Morved: The sultan’s favorite child.

Layla is a strong-willed and free woman that likes to do what she wants. She hates anyone who tries to control her.

She likes riding horses and hunting, and also learned how to fight from a young age and prefers fighting using a spear.

She will be a supportive and strong partner that will stand with the MC no matter what happens.

Having her support will mean having access to the sultan’s massive resources and the empire’s formidable army, maybe even war elephants.

Lady Kela

Lady Kela of House Stefield: Your friend and companion. She was sent to serve you in exchange for you to find her a good marriage offer and to secure the alliance between your grandfather and her house.

She can sometimes be a little bit controlling over her brother’s actions: Everything he does angers her.

As a fifth-born, most see no future for her but to marry into a minor nobility. But Kela always strives for perfection and will never rest until she achieves her goals.

King Vlad

King Vlad of the Kindom of Avridia.

Betrayed by his uncle, King Vlad is forced to run away from his kingdom with his mother and some forces loyal to him.

He crossed the empire border seeking the support of The Vorlen Empire to reclaim his throne.

Unfortunately for him, Emperor Karl is yet to grant him an audience, so Vlad sets his eyes on his heirs. He will do everything in his power to reclaim his throne, no matter what.

The Dark Lord

The Dark Lord’s apprentice.

Nothing is known about the spymaster’s origin or even his name.

He was a slave from the Far East before your grandmother bought him from a slaver and gave him to the Dark lord to train due to his skill in watching and hearing what he shouldn’t

The Emperor shall appoint him to the role after the death of the current spymaster.

Lord Feroy

Lord Feroy of House Noorga. The crown prince and Gossa’s older brother.

Like his family, the Noorgen plague haunts him every day. He’s in a constant battle with his other self, the other Feroy that wants to control him.

Yet Feroy still remains strong, but for how long? Which one of them will win in the end?

Lord Odo

Lord Odoof House Stefield: Your friend and companion. He was sent to serve you and to secure the alliance between your grandfather and his house.

Odo wants to be your bodyguard in hopes of raising in status. Unlike his twin sister, Odo is chill and outgoing. He doesn’t care about what others think of him.

Prince Karif

Prince Karif of House Morved: The sultan’s second child.

Advangerer, fighter, mercenary, and explorer, Karif had the most freedom among his siblings leading him to follow his dream of exploring the world.

From the Far East to the Deep North, Karif wants to experience and explore everything the world has to offer.

Fan Art

Art by @XaosMinion

This is my MC Valerie and her wolf, Hati. She is more combat orriented (Im lying she got cheat mode on)

Another MC fresh out the oven! Name’s Isobel, she’s a sweet and playful girl. Doesn’t care about the throne because It’s too much of a bother (sorry Mother). She would totally go after Odo IF Catalina wouldn’t have to marry Feroy, so as things stand she’ll have to suck it up for her sister and let Alara have Odo.


ROs’ portrait that will be used in the game.



I will be honest with you chief
Rewriting it numerous times aren’t it but your work is beautiful. I will give this a try.

Okay guys… I actually advice you to read this… I mean personally find it amazing :joy: and it’s worth a read.


Really hope there are no more rewrites. You dont need to change every single detail based on our whims


What changed exactly? I seem to have missed the whole ‘rewrite’ thing.




You’re a great writer, I really like your stories and even though being inconsistent can be a little boring I’ll still keep following you! I’m excited for the next updates. Good luck brother.


It sounds interesting, I’m going to play the demo a little later today. I just have three questions based on the description:

  1. Is this a series or a standalone?

  2. How much time will pass over the course of the book? Because of the “have children” I’d assume at least a few years

  3. Are there any male ROs? I ask because the portraits are all of women


I like what you have, but rewriting it constantly will most likely muddle the story in the long run. I would advise trying to get more of the story done before you fret over the details.

But that aside, I think the demo shows a lot of promise and I think you do a very good job of setting up the world. Hope to see more out of this!


Thank you for giving me another chance and glad you enjoyed it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No more, I promise, and the changes were because of major plot holes that needed to be fixed.

Fixed a lot of major plot holes and changed some things, but the core of the story is still the same.

Thank you for giving me another chance. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

A series

The first book will probably end by the time the MC is 20. The MC can have a child at 16.

Yes, still working on their portraits.

No more rewrites. I managed to fix most of the problems with the old demos.

Glad that you will still give it a chance.

Both, but some stats are still missing. Will be added with the next update.

Plan to add more unique names too.

I left some hints in the old demos, so it was always planned. :sweat_smile: Some managed to figure it out early on Tumblr.

Fixed. Thanks.

Fixed. Thanks and sorry.

A special thanks for your help. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush:

Will send you part 2 after I finish it.

And will make sure to add the names.

I was looking for special names to add more flavor text, so yes, that would work.

Fixed thanks and sorry. :sweat_smile: I swear I fixed it before.

Fixed, sorry.

Yes, but I changed them to represent the colors of their houses.


As long as you got a clear goal and understanding of what you are wanting to do and how to proceed with the story, you’re good. Hopefully you’ll be happy with what you got and continue on with it. I’ve said it before this type of story always has allot of potential and I’m always happy to see it.


Is naming your wolf Moon or wolfy just for flavor text or will they actually increase your relationship with your mom or sister?

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I found a bug. When you try to attract the white cub, the game thinks you tried to attract the mixed wolf

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fantasizing that Helena and Nrein are fem mc and kela
Aww how cute, it’s beautiful that they love each other so much :heart:

Helena and Nrein kiss:couplekiss_woman_woman:

It’s beautiful​:heart::heart::heart::heart:

I really didn’t expect it, even though they always gave that vibe when they got along. XD


ch1 line 3689: increasing indent not allowed, expected 4 was 5

You look beautiful, my lady. I didn’t know that my little brother had such a pretty cousin.

You know what i mean :joy:


@Fat_cat no matter what you rewrite or do. We(me) will follow. It’s a WIP for a reason, because WIP stands for work in progress aka. Anything and everything is susceptible to change! So don’t beat yourself up. We love your writing, as such any story you write I’m sure a lot of us will enjoy :wink:.


Wolf names suggestions: Asura, Sköll, Hati, Omen

And congrats again!


Could you have some woof names after different family members who are dead


The MC’s mother is a hypocritical woman. Here she is kissing a girl in the prologue, yet she’s angry when my MC wants to do the same. :flushed:

Love the new demo and looking forward to more. :eyes: :eyes:


This bug