Folklore Chaser (Demo Coming Soon!)

Hi guys! Since it’s a new year I kinda promised myself I’d start working on my own game! I kinda already have some things written, but still can’t figure out how the hell to code properly. I’ve been seeing and reading a lot of tutorials, so I’m sure I’ll get the hang soon. Anyway, the game: I’ve seen a lot of people who adores folklore, all kinds from everywhere, but it’s always the same ones. Not sauing they’re not nice, because they are, but it kinda feels like the surprise’s gone, you know?

So I decided to write about brazilian folklore. Modesty apart, my country’s very rich with history and mixed ethnicity, which makes for some really good and spooky myths.

So the premise is: you’re an adventurer (maybe, I’ll include about three backgrounds) in somewhere the 1890s, wandering the north of Brazil while doing your other job: hunting myths.

So that’s it. My writing may be a bit too heavy and with some grammatical errors since, well, english’s not my native tongue and all, so I’d appreciate if someone helped me with that. Still not sure wether I’ll include romance, but your mc will definetely have the opportunity to have some fun :full_moon_with_face:

And that’s it! If this flops I’ll just pretend this never happened lol bye


Honestly this sounds amazing.

I don’t know a great deal about specifically Brazilian folklore but I’m always interested in hearing or reading about folklore in general.

Fun fact “female adventurer” was once slang for lesbian. I’m gonna be the best female adventurer.


It’ll be good to see something that isn’t rooted in Tolkien or Greek mythology. I say go for it.

But really, just write what you’re interested in. No need for an interest check.


Now this is something that should definitely get explored more.
South America is just so rich in folklore and mythology that goes untouched for whatever reason. Then you bring in the idea of being a Brazilian Helsing trying to hunt down centaurs, werewolves and Candle Jack while avoiding sleeping gods like a minefield and it’s just so fascinating to think of all the possibilities!

I’d especially love it if we could romance said myths or anyone really. Romance is one of my favorite parts of a choice game though I’m sure if the story is well-written and sufficiently intriguing then people wouldn’t as much care if you don’t add romance.

I just want to smash Brazilian Angra Mainyu.


Sounds really interesting. I’ve been wanting to do something with latin american folklore since forever too. Go for it and good luck :smiley:


I really like the idea. Although I don’t know much about Brazilian folklore I will love to about it


Sounds good but hunting what myths


Being from Bahia myself i do know some folklore like the saçi or curupira. The north part you refer to is northwest like Amazonas or northeast like Pernambuco and others?


Oh wow. I definetely did not expect anyone to be interested, so this is a pleasant surprise!

I knew this word was my favorite for a reason.

Yeah! I personally completely love them, but they kind of just lost the magic to me, you know? I wanted something new, underrated as to say. So i took matters into ny own hands :smiley:

Ooooooh there will be possibilities alright. Just imagine: a true brazilian old west Van Helsing style, hunting down saçi-perêrês and headless-mules. And Amazonians. From the Amazon. But they’re chased in another terms, coughcough


Thank you!

I’ll be sure to include the most populars and the underrated ones too ;D

All kinds, but mostly the ones deriving from brazilian folklore. Curupiras, Headless-Mules, our kind of werewolves, etc. Kinda of a brazilian Witcher.

Hey I’m from the coast of São Paulo! When I mentioned north I meant as more the general direction, lmao. But yeah, most of the game’s passing through Amazônia, since i’ll use a lot of native lore and etc. It’ll variate to Minas Gerais too, though, but only in the end of it, possibly.



This certainly seems to be interesting!

This seems very interesting and I would love to learn about other countries folklore and that it’s set in the past makes it even better! I look forward to (hopefully) playing through a demo of some kind and I wish you all the luck with this project! :smiley:

Thank you guys!

As i sad before, I definetely did not expected this feedback. Thank everyone!

I’ve been writing a bit more, doing some research on the events that occurred during the 1890s on Brazil (my history classes were definitely NOT that good), and even trying my hand at coding my first time ever! It… was a bit of a disaster, I admit. But I got the hang enough to post a demo soon, maybe next week (if you guys don’t mind not having a stats page for now).

Oh, remember the backgrounds? The paths should be: Former Slave, Portuguese, Ex-Bussinessmen. Maybe I should clarify: all of them are actually for your family: your mother and dad were former slaves. They came from Portugal. They owned a tavern. Like that. I may add more backgrounds in the future - you guys have any ideas?

As for the characters, I decided that yes, there will be some romance options. Although it will be a few options, since I want the romance-plot to be fatal to the storyline.

There may be a character sheet coming soon. :smiley:


With backgrounds it’d be interesting to have at least one where you’re brought up on the folklore and believe them and have trained for the situation, and another one where you’re literally thrown into the deep end (you were brought up on the folklore but you never believed them. Dismissing them as simple cautionary tales until the night you stumble across an actual folkore attacking someone and you dragged into it kicking and screaming.)

i like it and since i dont know much about brazilian folkl it ll be a good chance to learn something

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As @Nocturnal_Stillness wrote, that would be two very interesting backgrounds for your character to have.

Also perhaps something like, just an adventurer coming from London or wherever you choose, someone who seeks the thrill in looking into brazilian folklore, not believing it, or believing it, could be an idea?

I’m looking forward to updates!

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