Flowchart style game design


Can anyone link me to a decent, intuitive and easy to use flowchart program that can be used for game making?
Thanks ya’ll- Harlox

Online free tools?
Easy ways to do flowcharts on a computer?

I got the Total Recall app for my iPad. It works really well. I like having it separate from my computer, so I can open it with my computer opened to my editor (Notepad ++).


Try twine, it’s pretty good.


I use Twine. It crashes a lot for me though and I’ve lost substantial portions of work when using it and forgetting to save frequently. http://gimcrackd.com/etc/src/



Free, online and good! I used it to plan out ‘The Race’.



AXMA Story Maker. Like Twine, but nicer interface and more features. Stabler, too, as far as I can tell.

I can second Bubbl as well.


I can third Bubbl- I’ve used it many times before!


Thanks everyone, I will check these out.


Twine is nice, and fun to write with. But I had the same problem as you, I always wanted to see my stories as I wrote them. Here are some gorgeous ones to inspire you: http://outspaced.fightingfantasy.org/SVG_Flowcharts/main.html - There’s all the fighting fantasy books there, as well as my favourite series, the Virtual Reality (which remind the most of Choice of Games).
I wrote a piece of software to help generate these kind of diagrams - try it out if you want, it’s free and at http://www.crumblyheadgames.co.uk/the-gamebook-authoring-tool/. It’s also rather new, and if you have any issues or ideas for it reply here or drop me an email :slight_smile:
If you don’t want to use it, but you are quite technical take a look at graphviz. http://www.graphviz.org/. It’s a great piece of open source/multi-platform software that lets you generate graphs/flow charts using a fairly logical scripting language.
Finally, you can do a web search for mind-mapping software. Organising your thoughts is a similar technique to writing a multi-choice book. You’ll find lots of options and I’m sure you’ll find something that fits the bill!