Flesh and Bone (Working Title) (WIP)

Hello! I’m very glad to join this forum. I hope you’ll like my first game.

Flesh and Bone: A few weeks ago, the scientists discover a new plant and named it monkeyflower (this plant actually exists :smiley: ) In a short amount of time, 40% of the population get infected by the newly discovered plant which causes them to become hyper-aggressive and lose their humanity.

Since your town is almost uninhabitable, you and some group of people decide to leave for New York.

But, is there any hope?

Main Characters:

Dominic - Your older brother.

Lola - Your older sister.

Lucy - Your younger sister.

Sawyer - A police officer of your town (RO)

Rachel - Your neighbor. (RO)

Aurora - The leader of a group. (RO)

Blake - A survivor who is a lone wolf. (RO)


  • Play as male or female.
  • Play as straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual.
  • Play as a hero or villain.
  • Become a leader or member.
  • Be a lone wolf or group player.

DEMO: https://dashingdon.com/play/cinbala/flesh-and-blood/mygame/index.php?cb=41561

P.S. The creatures in the game are NOT zombies. In fact, they are stronger, wiser and angrier than them. Their intention is not to eat people. They just want to tear humans into pieces for fun.


Seems fun! I’ll play the demo right now

Hey maybe just me, but receiving error:

Our apologies; there was a 404 error while loading game data. Please refresh your browser now; if that doesn’t work, please email support-external@choiceofgames.com with details.

Refreshing and/or clearing cache doesn’t fix. Same in both Chrome and Opera. It’s failing to locate startup.txt:

GET https://dashingdon.com/play/cinbala/flesh-and-blood/mygame/scenes/startup.txt?cb=706230 404 (Not Found)


Yeah same thing with me

I know I am indubitably in a startling minority here, but that does not really sound all that fun to me. Not really, if I am completely honest.



The demo doesn’t work you need to fix it

I mean… who doesn’t? Amiright!!! :wink:


Also getting the 404 error. Which is a shame, because this sounds like a neat twist on the usual zombie game.

Incidentally, the villains motivation seems a bit odd.I If I understand correctly, they are motivated by simple sadism? If so, is it cultural (i.e. conditioned to be violent) or genetic?

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I’m also getting the same error :frowning:

Best demo ever!! I love how we are able to beat the first guy.

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The same error has popped up for me as well

This popped up when I pressed the link:



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