Flash Drive Convience

So I found a partial solution to the coding problem. Sure, all the past work is gone I think, so I’m gonna scrap some projects, but I think the future will hold some exciting new ones. So, the solution I found was using a flash drive. 8GB capacity, loaded with the ChoiceScript zip folder, and within that a new project, not to mention a zip for Notepad++, so I can now work on a project anywhere with Notepad++ and then save it, and continue my work anywhere. One problem, just one. Any recommendations on ways to test these games? Maybe even a file that’ll be savable on the drive? Not every computer has Firefox, and Internet Explorer refuses to test any game. To be honest I didn’t know if this was off topic, CS help or some other categorie, so I threw it in general because that’s what it said to do. Can one of the leaders (moderators?) tell me if that was the right call as well?

copy/paste the mozilla firefox folder to your flashdrive! that would be the easiest way, i think, and should work.

Does Mozilla make a zip folder available?

i’m talking about the folder in your program files. i don’t think there is really a need for a zip folder in that case–but there might be a portable version around somewhere.

oh! you could also use the choicescript ide, if you fancy. randomtest is also good for general bug-squashing, but for more than that it’s more convenient to use either cside or firefox.

I’m just trying to keep things mobile. as of now I can work from any computer with a USB port. Part of the problem is that I don’t want to install Firefox onto the computer on to the computer I’m using to set this up. So far it’s been an isolated piece of hardware I can keep in my wallet yet saves all my work and allows me to make progress anywhere.

i don’t think it would be necessary to install anything, since the folder already pretty much has all the content. once you’ve installed it you can move it anywhere else and it’ll most likely still function just fine.

You might try this: enter link description here

This actually could be the solution I’m looking for. Thanks.