Flame Commander WIP

I’ve recently started putting notes together in an attempt to start writing a game.

I’m currently figuring out the scripting aspect and putting together more of the first chapter.


Flame Commander

In a world that has been ravaged by conflict several times
during its long and storied past you must restore order.
You are a member of The Cleansing Flame, an inquisition formed during
the fall of The Fifth Empire. You command the siege of a city
still clinging to the old ways. The siege has started recently and its
success and the fate of the inhabitants will depend on the decisions you make.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/play/wouterb/flame-commander/mygame/

Feedback and questions are welcome, i have a lot of free time currently and will update weekly at least.

Working to include:

-Detailed siege mechanics.

-Fervor stat representing your fanaticism (or lack thereof).

-Several excursions into the wider world during the siege.

-Several different backstories to play through before the siege to flesh out the MC.


Wait, so is the entire WIP/game going to be the siege?

Unfortunately, right now there isn’t much here to really review or give any feedback. I enjoy the concept of a siege tactics-based game, and you play with some themes early on like inquisition and religious zeal. I’m interested to see how it plays out, especially considering from what I saw so far you appear to be starting as an antagonist of sorts under the guise of divine order.
I will ask, for that first option, will you plan on having us decide on all three before moving us on to the next section, or will we only decide on one? From the writing I had assumed it’d let me choose the outcome of all three, although this is a very early WIP so anything can change.

Keep it up, though. I enjoy a good war story, and the unique perspective can be interesting if done correctly :slight_smile:


About 75% will be the siege with the decisions you make affecting the outcome and its success or failure. During the siege there will be plenty of opportunities to go out into the world. You won’t be stuck in a camp for the entire game, comfortable as that might be.


I’m planning to add quite a bit of content in the coming days. Antagonism may depend on the system of morality in this setting (currently finalizing the different perspectives maintained by the various groups that will be featured). You assumed correctly regarding the three choices presented, they will set the stage for the events following and the starting status of the siege. I’m still figuring out ChoiceScript but i’m making progress.

The concept is very interesting to say the least. This here makes me wonder whether you know CKII, Stellaris, or Warhammer 50K since the theme looks very similar to those three games in my view. If it’s about the siege of a city, then yeah, a tactical siege warfare would look good. If you really want, you can search up about siege tactics so the options during the siege would be more detailed.

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CkII and Stellaris are some of my favorite games and have interesting siege mechanics, haven’t had the pleasure of playing Warhammer 50K. I’m still considering how detailed to make the siege mechanics, i might have a choice to automate part of it depending on the complexity. I’ll be sure to research siege tactics more thoroughly of course.


You could base your knowledge on CK2 & Stellaris for the siege mechanics. Also, how deep would be the lore in this game?

I’ll probably add a lore section to the stats menu, some things you uncover in the game will make clear what led to the formation of this inquisition. There should be a decent actions have consequences explanation (at least partially).

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I had a problem with selecting a gender, both male and female have this pop up, the gender-neutral path works though. I have no idea if this problem is just for IOS Chrome, or if it is a coding problem, but I hope this helps.


Thanks for telling me, i appreciate it. I’ll have a look at it when i update tomorrow.

This is intentional. Now everybody will be forced to play as nb! Mwahahahahaha! :laughing: :smiling_imp:

I have been slightly delayed due to a heatwave making me less productive than i had hoped for. The update will consist mostly of some additional lore, the dialogue i am working on still needs some more work. I will most likely update later this day, I’ll try to have more content ready next week. Thanks to everybody who has taken a look so far, minimal as the story is for now.

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A heatwave stops the Flame Commander’s progress? I sense a heavy irony :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll have to check out the lore later, but I’ll be looking forward to the update.


I just added a small amount of lore as an update, i promise it’ll be more substantial next week. The irony of a heatwave impeding progress on Flame Commander does not escape me :grinning:.


All must burn.

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Really like it up to now can’t wait to see more.

I will most likely update tommorow, you will be able to decide the fate of your captive then. Still working on questions and answers for that conversation but making good progress. I am also adding the option to choose your name (seems sensible). I appreciate the responses so far and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

As an avid CK2 player, it really isn’t the best representation of a siege as you can assault holdings pretty quickly with a sufficient blob.

Total War Medieval II had some ok siege mechanics. The opening scene of Witcher 2 had a NICE siege scene.

As for the story, I think it needs to be fleshed out before I can pass judgement on it. I do like the concept of the story though.

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While you do have more forces at your disposal than the defenders it isn’t to a degree that assaulting the walls is possible immediately. The total length of the siege will likely be several months as years would be too much considering the defenses available in this setting. Been a while since i saw the Witcher 2 opening scene but it seems worth a look.

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