FL Studio, Help with MIDI file



D00ds. I’m using this forum because I don’t want to go elsewhere it’s scary.

I am trying to revitalise a MIDI in FL Studio 12 using sound fonts. This is not my first time doing music or doing MIDI work, but my first time on FL Studio. Every time I reset the MIDI to play, no matter the track or whether I edited Master Volume or Track Volume, it goes back to a set level.

There are no automations, and I have tried deleting all events, trying to init the volume back on the level I have set, and deleting all remote control.

I have tracked this down to the CC7 in the MIDI itself (since the MIDI isn’t mine), and was wondering where do I find the CC7 line to delete it, if possible? If not, will I just have to rewrite the MIDI or edit it elsewhere, or is it possible here?


Keeping in mind that I don’t know anything about FL studio… (I’d love to learn to use it, I’ve seen it. But those synthesizers are so intimidating to me I can never get anywhere with them.)

I did some digging around.


I think the above is for a different program, but it’s the same problem, so it might help?


It didn’t help, sadly: however! I discovered it! Let it be said that I was not the king of fucking around!

I found that you can manually delete the panning and volume sets by the Delete tool to the far left of the sequencer. You can do this by going to Browser, then Patterns, clicking on the name of the file you imported, then clicking on the subfolders, which should be automatically named. The sequencer should come up, grab the Delete tool, hold over the pink section and drag to the left. All gone!

These were causing the problem! If you leave the tempo and MIDI notation intact (which should be the two top files), you’ll have deleted all the commands for the MIDI.

I could have also just ported to Anvil Studio and set the individual volume for each track to “variable” but this is way quicker. Thank you for responding!