Five Tales of Humanity [WIP]

Hi, people. My name is Cat and I’m working on my first ChoiceScript game. I’m doing this mostly to learn how to code and practice english, so-- I work in this game in my free time.


You have five stories to play.
Each one is a different genre and you’ll find triggers at the beginning of each chapter if it is necessary.

Below you’ll find a summary of each story and what I’m planning to archive.


Tale One: To save you, to save us.

Humankind is forced to live underground after the Cloud. Not learning from their mistakes, the Refuge is divided by the elite and a group called Novus Sapiens is born. You, seeing all of this, decide to go outside and find what lies ahead.

  • Depending of your motive to go outside, the story will focus on different aspects.
  • You can choose between four motives.
  • Multiple endings depending of your choices.

Tale Two: Omen.

The Feeling is always with you. A strange presence that is with you since you were born, a inoffensive coincide when you were a child, but as you grew up, the realization hit you. The Feeling is dangerous, it makes you an Omen. But is up to you how you will manage the Feeling.

  • You can fight or embrace the Feeling.
  • Use the Feeling to create chaos or try to take its power to a minimum.
  • Find the story behind the Feeling.
  • Gain power as an Omen or deny your reality.

Tale Three: We fight, we stand.

You are part of the resistance living in a museum against the current tyranny. It is a matter of hours before the Tyrant decides to blow up the whole museum and it is up to you to decide if you wanna stay and help the people, or turn your back on them and save yourself. Everything can happen at last minute.

  • You can spy for the Tyrant and betray them (or not)
  • You can continue to be a rebel
  • Learn the story of your mates and see if your mind change.

Tale Four and Five are in development. This will be update.

28/10: You can play the first chapter of Tale One and Two. I’m currently writing the next chapter.
01/11: Error when trying to see tales 3-5 stats fixed. Minor misspellings fixed.



Nice start. Definitely has potential.


It sure is interesting, I am looking forward to more

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That’s an interesting concept!

A few mistakes:
When I press on stats for stories 2-5 before reaching tale 2, this error occurs: “invalid indent, expected at least one line in ‘if’ true block”.

A pair of each specie humans could find before it was too late, and people with authorization brought their pets to the Refuge —a last minute change since a lot of people didn’t want to go without their four-legged friends—.

I believe the correct term is “species”, not “specie”. And that —. at the end should be .

no a word was spoke. - not a word was spoken.

Good luck with writing your stories!

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See this going to be a good read :grin:

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I’ll fix them! Thank you for your help :smiley:

@lokidemon007, @noah, @smol_tatortot Thank you all for your kind words :slight_smile:


These sound like they can stand on their own so are you writing multiple books or one

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