FirstGame--Need some Advice


I’ve been making my first game since last week, I can only work on it for about 2-3 times. It’s called the Dream of Greatness, it’s supposed to be about Aridon, a dying kingdom, that is on a long war with another. Frankly, they’ve reached the end of the bargain, and is losing.

Your hero will decide what will happen in the future, to either destroy the kingdom, win the war, etc. I want it to be a really medieval story-based games, and I wish you guys could give me some constructive advise for first games.

Btw, you can download the link here: (Startup) (ChoiceScript)

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My first piece of advice is head to and upload your game there.

Beyond that, I’m not sure what exactly you are asking for. I can give ideas on specific topics but right now it feels like you want me to write your story for you. :wink:


Naw man, I was just asking if the plot was alright.

I’ll shoot straight with you, the overall theme has been played out a bit around here. People still like it though (I’m a sucker for fantasy done right.) So, if you’re going to go with that template, have some solid characters or a hook to grab people’s attention.


Alrighty! I appreciate that advice.

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Also, when you upload to Dashingdon I can probably say more about what you’ve got. Your current site makes me a bit paranoid.

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I think I have some ideas to spice up your main plot :thinking:

A discovery of the sword-that-can-end-the-war? (McGuffin)
A journey beyond the borders to find help from foreign kingdom?
Or perhaps, the Aridon is finally defeated. It’s region annexed, it’s people are heavily taxed (or enslaved, ur call), the royal family is put on the deepest dungeon while the conquering kingdom arrange a forced marriage with this royal family? (i.e. the emperor wanna bang the gurl 'cuz evil)

There’s actually so much things you can do to make your medieval story stands out from the other titles :open_hands:
All you need to do is just what and how will you incorporate them to your story.

In terms of plot, it’s been done before so you may need to bring some really interesting things to the table for it to be as popular as some other WiPs like this ( I’m a sucker for medieval games so I’d still play it). I would suggest adding politics in it that you can actually take part in (for example gaining the favor of the king so you can be his steward or something like that).

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